WBD family terrorised, robbed by armed bandits

A West Bank Demerara (WBD) family was on Friday terrorised and robbed by three armed bandits who invaded their property.
Seventy-year-old Talwattie Ramcharran told Guyana Times that at about 12:30h on the day in question, she went to take food for her 43-year-old son who was in the shop located in the bottom flat of their Lot 16 Plantain Walk, WBD home.
As she arrived in the shop, she observed three men entering the business place. The pensioner related that she did not suspect anything since customers are in and out of the shop on a daily basis.
However, as she returned to the upper flat of the house, she heard her son screaming “Mommy! Mommy!”, followed by the sound of crashing glass bottles. At that time, she knew they were being robbed.
“When I watch, I see they rolling at the bottom, on the floor, so I run and I close the door and when I run upstairs, I close the other door, and I got to the window and called out for the neighbour.”
Several neighbours reportedly responded to the call, thus forcing the men to escape. As she went back to the lower flat of the house, she saw her son lying in a pool of blood.
“They take a gun and they hit he to he head, they burst he head, and his eye top cut”, she told Guyana Times.
The 43-year-old man was picked up by his mother and his neighbours, who came to their rescue, and taken to the hospital where he received medical attention.
The woman said she was unable to identify the men since she panicked.
She also revealed that she was unable to identify the items that went missing, since she was taken up with making sure that her son received medical attention. A report was made to the police, and investigations are underway.