We desperately need a change

Dear Editor,
Since December 21, 2018, there has been a mad scramble by the President David Granger clan to remove the self-created suck sand from their feet. At this year’s May Day rally, the pundits certainly sent a clear message to the APNU/AFC, that their downright rejection to the establishment of a Ministry of Labour is an absolute insult to the workers of Guyana. As Guyana celebrates 100 years of “formal” existence in trade unionism in our country, workers are crying out for better working conditions, jobs for our youths, for women to be respected and enjoy better opportunities.
The APNU/AFC cabal is justifiably condemned for the brutal dismissal without alternatives, of more than seven thousand sugar workers; more than two thousand Amerindians and the dismissal of one hundred and sixty-seven youths by the closing down of the call centre in Linden. In the case of the latter, they vindictively took away bread and butter from more than three hundred persons who had jobs under the PPP/C. The cries of the workers and their families are falling on the exposed APNU/AFC coalition Government, who are trying their best to utilise unwarranted time to come up with other lies and trickery.
Equally woeful, is the recent unthinking demoralisation and further discredit of our international image by the one seat majority clan, through the wilful use of the National Assembly to promote ‘terrorism’, in total disrespect for the Parliament and the Guyana Constitution. Only the citizens of our country can suffer from the malfeasance of the Government’s honouring of a former citizen convicted for terrorism. The ‘fallen coalition’ must accept that they have been illegal since March 21, 2019.
This illegal coalition Government is committing too many unpardonable sins and their uncanny desperation is publicly evident, as they spend millions of dollars trying to buy votes. Corruption has become exponentially rampant and driven from the highest echelon of the Government, while violence and crime are reaching the worst levels ever experienced in Guyana.
Almost every day, the unrestricted crime situation that is strongly related to the less than potent economic environment, encourages the violent robberies and senseless killings of citizens and visitors who are now in fear of living in their own homes. The situation is worse than under Burnham’s ‘kick down the doors’ era. There are increasing levels of school dropouts, more delinquents, and the situation is forcing young people into prostitution and crime for their mere survival. Life under this corrupt APNU/ PNC is getting very serious and is certainly not the good life.
We must unite and struggle for immediate “Free and Fair Elections” and as we offer our prayers and await the CCJ rulings on the NCM, let us unite for a better Guyana. We desperately need a change.

Neil Kumar