What is wrong with placing cameras in Police Station lock-ups?

Dear Editor,
What is wrong with placing cameras in police station lockups? I find this to be very necessary because some of the real criminals are found there.
There are cameras that are placed in some locations to capture traffic offenders, I am not sure that there is any in police stations so that authorities can really review what takes place there.
It is a sad situation and less than coincidence that alleged healthy individuals die after being placed in Police custody. Can it be surmised that at some police stations there are certain ranks who are specialists in assaulting hapless prisoners by placing them in separate cells?
It baffles sensible minds; some of the explanations that originate from the police stations regarding such deaths as recently highlighted in the media. People will now be reluctant to make reports to police stations unless they wish the worse to those whom they will report on.
The Human Rights body should note these instances.
The relevant authorities need to address this disturbing issue that has been reigning for too long.
The police, it appears, have been protecting themselves. They always cover for their colleague’s excesses in the majority of cases. When a few policemen are convicted, it is because hundreds are not brought to book.
We, the common public, can only hope that sometime in the future we will really enjoy the protection of the police as their motto states. Presently, some stations are places of torture and even death. What a contrast!

Yours faithfully,
R Udho