Whatever happened…

…to Granger’s “bloated list”?
Remember when Granger was huffin’ and puffin’ that he’ll blow the whole house down ‘cause the voter’s list was “bloated” after elections finally became due after the NCM?? That the PRO had assured the Guyanese people that GECOM was always ready to hold elections in three months and the Legal Officer – with the serendipitous name of “Excellence” – had explained that this was because the OLE from the 2018 LGE could legally be brought up to date via a Claims and Objections exercise, didn’t cut any ice with him!!
The list was pretty much the same one used in the 2015 elections – which eased him into Government. So since he’d taken over the reign of Government from the PPP, one wondered where this “bloating” came from!! Especially when he ensured GECOM would do his bidding by unilaterally appointing his handmaiden Justice James Patterson to head the outfit!! With the PNC and PPP Commissioners evenly split, every “GECOM decision” was actually the Chairman’s!!  Right away you knew Granger was just bloviating about bloating because the NCM had nipped his well laid out plans to rig the elections!!
The total number of voters on the 2015 list had been 570,708; yet, Granger insisted that the “bloating” amounted to 200,000. Who in the world gave him that figure?? The GECOM CEO, who just happens to also be an ex-Army squaddie, said, “It wasn’t me!!” If Granger knew what he was talking about and one subtracted this 200,000 we’d be left with 370,708 voters, no?? But actually, 412,012 citizens had voted in that election!! Was he saying that over 40,000 voters had died or gone insane (since these were the only way folks could be taken off the register!!) and time had frozen so no persons below 18 years had reached majority??
But your Eyewitness isn’t surprised in the least that after the H2H exercise – which Granger’s toothless poodle Patterson snuck in as his parting present to prove “bloating” – came up with 633,155 eligible voters, we haven’t had a squeak from Granger!! It wasn’t the bloating of the list Granger had in mind – it was all about bloating the time to elections!! March 21, 2019, would never do – he just needed that year to do the dirty on our electoral system. Hence March 2, 2020.
So your Eyewitness also isn’t surprised by the seeming bolt out of the blue that drastically reduced the number of Polling Places in PPP strongholds. That ensures they’ll have to make a trek like the Israelites out of Egypt to get their finger inked on March 2. He’s counting that enough won’t be so patient!!
The original journey lasted 40 years, no?

… to sugar workers’ militancy??
We note, at long last, GAWU has called out its workers on strike to protest the insults GuySuCo piled on their heads over the last few weeks. Here it was, sugar workers hadn’t seen a penny’s wage increase since 2015 – when the PNC squeezed into office on votes some of them had given to the AFC – and now with elections imminent, they’d offered a pittance! And that wasn’t all: the pittance that wouldn’t even cover the inflation since 2015, would only kick in this January!!
GAWU’s being very kind to insist that the “retro” began from Jan 2019. If your Eyewitness had any input, he would’ve said Jan 2015!! After all, finding the money isn’t any problem.  Hasn’t Granger insisted that after he’d cut off the “deadweight” of four underperforming estates and 7000 workers, GuySuCo would be raking in profits hand over fist?!! It’s now been three years: where are the profits?? Then, there are hundreds of acres of sugar lands sold off to foreigners: don’t sugar workers have first dibs??
Then what about the $30B bond??

… to that profit oil?
Granger also huffed and puffed to have Guyana’s first oil tranche from the “Nassau Oil Contract” shipped before March 2.
So could he tell voters exactly how much Guyana made on the deal?? What’s he afraid of??