When an uninformed apologist vainly tries to make a point, it exposes depravity!

Dear Editor,
Ever so often you read an article in the print media and you can’t help but wonder how supposedly sane and civilised people can write such garbage for the public to read? I refer to one such article written by an individual who pens under the name “Dougla.” His suggestions began as a justification for the crass racism meted out to the people of Mon Repos, then later drifting into other areas causing himself much embarrassment.
So, firstly I must tell “Dougla,” that no semantics, no sugar-coated language can veil the unbridled fact of what played out last Tuesday at Mon Repos. Making excuses for such atrocities, only exposes your depravity and further shows up how base your thoughts are. The racist hooliganism perpetrated by the group operating under the guise of agitating for the injustices meted out to Quindon Bacchus, is preposterous to say the least! The question remains, what do simple salespeople of Mon Repos have to do with Mr Bacchus’s death? And no one can come up with any sensible answers?
There is no question in my mind that these thugs were driven by the narrow political aspirations of known political operators. So, for “Dougla” to come on here to make an apology for their actions is ludicrous at best.
This individual makes another massive mistake when he blundered into the realm of attacking our electoral system. He asserts that the Proportional Representation system, or what he refers to as “the winner takes all system,” has failed us. Here again is a situation of a bad worker quarrels with his tools. Let me educate “Dougla” that the problem is not with the electoral system but with the political actions of the PNC that makes it a bad system. The real problem with “Dougla” and the PNC is that they want a system that they can manipulate or rig (for want of a better word) so that they can be installed into power but that is not going to happen. Whatever the system of voting PR or Constituency, the PNC would find fault with it.
The PR system, as it stands, is ideally suited for national Government, seeing it ensures that there is an Opposition. The Constituency System, which this writer is alluding to is even more brutal because it has the possibility. The Constituency System or first past the post system means that once that constituent representative has a single vote that means he has won that entire constituency irrespective of the thousands of other votes cast; this is the crass reality of that voting system. I shudder to think of the mayhem that would envelope Guyana if we should have a system where The PNC is wiped out as an Opposition, heaven help us! So, “Dougla” needs not fool himself that a Constituency System would help their cause.
And we need not look very far but just take a look across here in the Caribbean where there were instances that the Opposition was wiped out; Barbados and Grenada readily come into focus. When there is no Opposition in Parliament this is a death blow for democracy, it means that dissenting views cannot be heard. And in the circumstances where there is a crazed, dictatorial, leader, the democratic standards are eroded even further. So, in light of the foregoing the PR system is the best option for a multi-ethnic society such as ours.
Proportional Representation or Constituency, none of these can never work once you have an incorrigible, dissatisfied and power-hungry PNC moiling about. It also shows up its ugly head in the racist outbursts that is so much a stomping ground for that party. Last Tuesday’s violent political rampage by thugs is a prime example of the desperation of these people. But the ‘One Guyana’ theme lives on and nothing can derail it.

Neil Adams