Clarity needed on statement

Dear Editor,
The Finance Minister of the pre-2015 Government (who is the current Finance Minister) needs to add his voice to the claim made by the leader of the minority arm of the coalition that the lopsided Exxon contract was signed out of sheer desperation as several sectors were not performing well and monies were needed. The statement suggests the coffers were empty.
Sectors not performing well but that did not prevent the immediate increase in salaries to Ministers upon the coalition taking office.
What has become of the monies owed for sale of rice to Panama?
The building that housed the GNCB Sports Club on Croal Street was demolished to put up a spanking, modern state of the art building, but is now unfinished and stands idle with tax payers’ monies in limbo, seems to be another white elephant left to rot. Is there a plan for this building?

Shamshun Mohamed