White Castle fish shop torched

…owner’s reputed wife in custody

Hangout spot, White Castle Fish shop, was set ablaze in the wee hours of Saturday morning in what was described as an act of revenge.
Reports are that after the popular liming spot closed at about 01:30h, the proprietor’s reputed wife was allegedly at the Hadfield and John Streets location where she was hurrying the workers out of the building.

The charred interior of the popular liming spot

Guyana Times was told that the couple had a disagreement over Jermain Langevine’s whereabouts since he was not answering his cellular phone.
“She couldn’t find me so she call me and I’m not answering the phone and I don’t know if she sick in the head or what but she think this was the best thing to do,” Langevine told this publication.
Langevine claimed that his common-law wife then asked the employees to purchase gasoline for her.
“She ask the workers to buy gasoline for her, they refused; she went and buy it she self, workers saw her with it. She went in the office and lock up and I don’t know, like she light it inside the office,” he said.
The fire, which started at about 02:30h quickly spread throughout the bottom flat of the building, engulfing everything in its path. Langevine disclosed that when he arrived on the scene at about 04:00h, the inside of the lower flat was already destroyed.

The White Castle Fish Shop

When Guyana Times visited the scene on Saturday, the destruction was clearly visible with damaged freezers, music sets, television sets, fryers and furniture scattered. Langevine estimates his losses at between $18 to $20 million.
Meanwhile, the businessman is pleading with the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown to utilise the avenue adjacent to his business entity, in an effort to keep the business going.
He explained that he is in the habit of upkeeping the avenue, and thinks that it would be a good measure to appease customers.
“We just trying and see with the help of City Council if we could use the avenue that I take care of from Camp Street to East Street,” he pleaded.
Additionally, Langevine’s common-law wife is in Police custody assisting with investigations.