Will the March 2 elections be free and fair?

Dear Editor,
March 2, the date set for elections, will be anything but free and fair from the simple fact that at this late hour, GECOM is still fiddling around with the voters’ list. At a time when everything should have been completed and the country put in readiness for elections, GECOM is telling us that changes have to be made to some 91,000 plus names on the voters’ list.
And to further aggravate the issue, they (GECOM) would like to conduct this exercise all by themselves without the scrutiny of the Opposition or any independent verifiable source. If this is not the epitome of brazen skullduggery then what is? This is the latest goings-on at GECOM.
An election body that is most sympathetic to the PNC is still trying every which way with that age-old strategy of rigging, they are planning to pull off what is said to be the “mother of all frauds” right before our very eyes. But this is a herculean task to perform seeing the Opposition, civil society, as well as the international community are right on-course to stop that dubious scheme.
You cannot tamper with the Official List of Electors at this late hour, it just can’t happen! The question on everyone’s mind is why now, why is GECOM coming forward with such grave inaccuracies at this insane hour?
Now, their strategy is twofold, the first is GECOM is trying to run this election similar to that of 2015 where it would be so close where the Chair would go straight ahead and announce The coalition as the winner, just as they did in 2015.
But that is fraught with danger because (a) a great number of electors in Region Four openly stated to the PNC that they are not going to vote, and a stay away spells instant doom where the fixing of results in the IT room for The Region Four votes.
Granger himself alluded to this fact in his campaign rally address at Golden Grove, when he said it is “the battleground for this election.” He further opined that “you win Region Four and you win the election,” this is a clear indication as to his expectations of GECOM. In this regard, if GECOM cannot get the foregoing done (which they cannot) then he expects them to resort to plan (b) that is, create a list so riddled with changes/errors so that the election cannot be rated as credible.
They surmise that with such confusion, they would allow the coalition some more time in office. This is their strategy; this is their aim! But with so much exposure and so many eyes watching even this trick would not see the light of day.
The fact is GECOM knows fully well where this election is headed and to stave off that inevitability with these age-old PNC tricks would certainly see some jail time coming to the parties involved.
And may I also sound an alarm to Ms Claudette Singh, that pretty old face will not save you if you think you could preside over a rigging exercise without any consequences, well Madam Justice (retired) you are grossly mistaken. The fact is, we shall exact no scruples, this election must be governed by the law of the land, it must be free and fair, we settle for nothing less!

Neil Adams