…by Lil Joe to Big Joe
So Lil Joe Harmon of Guyana has written Big Joe Biden of the US telling him, “The APNU+AFC Coalition…looks forward to briefing you and Vice President-elect Harris on the political situation in Guyana.” So who’s gonna get him to present the “briefing”? He still has his lobbyists on the payroll? Then he forgot to file with the State Department!!
But what is Lil Joe going to say if he gets a hearing? Repeat what he wrote some time ago to the US and other countries that, ““based on the vast amount of evidence” the APNU+AFC coalition “believes, and intends to prove, that the elections held on March 2 lacked credibility and legitimacy”. Isn’t this the same script Donald Trump’s reading from in the US  — while not conceding and threatening not to vacate the Presidency. So this will endear him to Joe Biden? What a chump!! Then if Trump succeeds in getting the Supreme Court to listen to his claims to deny the Presidency to Joe Biden, aren’t these going to be a mirror image of what Lil Joe and his band of riggers have already done here??
Like when he wrote the foreign community (including the US)  that “based on the vast amount of evidence” the APNU+AFC Coalition “believes, and intends to prove, that the elections held on March 2 lacked credibility and legitimacy”. Doesn’t he realise that Biden will look at him as just another sleazy Third World politician whose peccadillos were adopted wholesale by his bête noir Trump??
Then there’s Lil Joe’s all-too-obvious ploy to play the race card when he cloyingly invoked Kamala Harris’s race: “She’s “the first person of colour to be elected to the Vice Presidency”. And  “Our nation looks forward to engaging with you, Vice President-elect Harris”. Doesn’t Joe Harmon realise that he’s condescendingly echoing Biden’s US critics? That Biden is tone deaf of racial matters and he picked Harris as his running mate to deflect such criticisms?
And what’s this about Lil Joe speaking for our “nation” to engage Biden? Isn’t he doing exactly what Trump is doing to the latter in the US in not respecting the will of the people that declared through their ballots that there’s a new Leader at the helm and that he, Trump can’t “speak for the people” of the US?
Lil Joe’s final foot-in-the-mouth gaffe was when he wrote that Biden has  “the unenviable task of restoring the United States’ status and reputation globally”. Really?
He clearly doesn’t understand that when it comes to America’s reputation, Democrats as much as Republicans don’t appreciate pipsqueak countries talking down to them!

…in the COVID age
We discovered that one of the reasons for the anomalous results in the last CSEC and CAPE exams was there weren’t any essay-type questions – -just true or false. In the estimation of your Eyewitness this is going to be a major problem for the graduates of our educational system and our country if  this becomes the standard.
What essays do is to force the person writing them to focus their thoughts about a topic and put them down in a coherent and logical fashion. In a word, even for the short time during the project in school or exams, it creates some critical thinking and thinkers. And as we all know, this quality is sorely lacking in Guyana. Take the last elections.
Do you think if PNC supporters (or officials) were forced to write an essay to explain exactly what Mingo did, first at Ashmins and then at GEOM HQ with that dirty bedsheet, we’d have been in turmoil for five months?
Bring back those essays!!

…about world reaction
As the world gradually settles down to accepting that Trump won’t be around – for another four years at least! – in the Oval Office of the White House, some questions are coming to the fore.
One your Eyewitness will pose is, “Why is China happy that Biden won?”