Youths at Byderabo to form sports club

Guyana Police Force F Division (Interior Locations) Commander Kevin Adonis reached out to the youths of Byderabo, a small community in Bartica, in aiding them to form themselves into a sports club.

F Division Commander Kevin Adonis donates a football

Accompanied by Bartica Football Association (BFA) President Alden Marslowe and Councillor Hazel Allicock, the Commander announced that he obtained permission from the owner of a plot of land at Byderabo for the youths to use as a temporary playfield. He also presented them with a ball to start their training.
It was also agreed that a meeting of the group will be held to elect its Executive Committee, in the interest of their organisation and to be able to apply for affiliation at the BFA. Former Bartica and national football star Christopher George has volunteered to coach the young players.
BFA President Marslowe, when asked how he felt about a new club being formed, told Guyana Times Sport, “The formation of a new club means growth for football at Bartica. It also means more players will have the opportunity to play organised association football and will benefit from all developmental programmes of the BFA. In a short time, the BFA will be assisting the club to fashion its constitution so that they can have administration structure. In the meanwhile, the players are already being introduced to structured training.”
Marslowe also stated he was hopeful that by the start of April, the club would be functioning as an independent club. However, there will be a six-month provisional period for them to become an affiliate of the BFA during which time they will be invited to participate in most of the programmes orchestrated by the BFA and would be required to carry out all club functions, including proper record-keeping and reporting to the Association.
The club will also promote softball cricket, which is popular among the females of the community.