1 arrested after robbery under arms at Ithaca

A man who reportedly carried out a daring robbery on a taxi driver at Ithaca, Berbice is now in Police custody after he was arrested at Number Four Settlement, West Bank Berbice on Sunday.
Reports are that the man, in the company of another, pounced on the victim whose car they used to take them to Rosignol, Berbice from Ithaca.
The suspects reportedly boarded the car around 19:35h, but shortly after, one of them reportedly requested that the victim stop as he forgot his cell phone.
However, when the man stopped, one of the suspects placed a gun to his head and they relieved him of his valuables – his cellphone, a gold ring and his wallet which contained some $12,000 – before making good their escape.
The matter was reported and the Police acting on information received went to the Number Four Settlement, where one of the suspects was apprehended.
He has since been positively identified by the victim. The other suspect, however, is still being sought by ranks as investigations continue.