1 dead, 2 critical after suicide attempt in BBP

One person has been confirmed dead and two others critical after they reportedly consumed a poisonous substance on Tuesday.

The Mibicuri Hospital

While details are sketchy, it has been confirmed that the three persons were rushed to the Mibicuri Hospital after consuming a poisonous substance.
The woman, who is yet to be identified, resided at First Street Mibicuri and would have succumbed while receiving medical attention. She was reportedly married and had two children.
Meanwhile, reports are that a farmer, also of Station Street, Mibicuri, forced his wife to consume the poisonous substance.
According to reports, the woman was reluctant and fought him off. However, he succeeded in getting his wife to consume a portion of the poison. The man reportedly drank what was left in the bottle.
The family was reportedly having marital problems, which resulted in the woman moving out of her marital home. She stayed with a male friend at Johanna.
Reports are that her husband went to the house and demanded that his wife return home but the woman refused. It was then that he collected the poison and forced the woman to drink it.
Guyana Times understands that he was transported to the Port Mourant Hospital in a critical condition while his wife remains at the Mibicuri Hospital also in a serious state.