6 narcotics traffickers accused freed

The case against six Lindeners accused of trafficking in narcotics was dismissed by Magistrate Clive Nurse, when they made an appearance at the Linden Magistrate’s Court.

Trevon Elcock, 30, a Labourer of Lot 134 One Mile, Wismar, Neville Bustianni, 39, of Lot 656 Block 22, Wismar; Ronald Reid, 35, of Constabulary Compound, Mackenzie, Shemrick Peters, 24, of One Mile, Wismar, Wesley Hercules, 54, of Lot 119 Wismar Housing Scheme, and Willita Bess were all slapped with the charge to which they had been granted bail after pleading not guilty.

It was alleged that they had 58 grammes of cannabis sativa in their possession at Wismar Housing Scheme on Saturday December 5, 2015. It was further alleged that the six accused were observed smoking while playing dominoes by Police on patrol in the said area.

However, after perusing the evidence against them, Magistrate Clive Nurse ruled that the case be dismissed due to insufficient evidence.