8 teams secure quarter-final spots

Dragon Stout Community Cup

Sparta Boss oppose Future Stars, Leopold Street battle Gold is Money, Rio All-Stars tackle Avocado Ballers and Bent Street engage Festival City tonight in quarterfinal action of the inaugural Dragon Stout Streetball Community Cup at the National Gymnasium.

The battle between Avocado Ballers and North East La Penitence

The respective teams advanced to the final eight section following opening night victories on Tuesday at the same venue in front of a sizable crowd.
According to a brief comment from the Dragon Stout Brand Manager Jamal Baird, “Despite the intermittent showers, an exciting and incident-free night of action occurred which boasted several upsets, a sign of the competitive nature of the event. I want to thank all the fans and players that were present and I am expecting a scintillating quarterfinal section, which will precede the always captivating final night of play. This is the start of a wonderful project and I am very excited about the future.”
Bent Street overcame Broad Street 3-2. William Europe bagged a double in the fourth and ninth minutes while Daniel Wilson netted in the 16th minute.
On target for the losing side were Ryan Dowding and Akeem Sam in the seventh and 18th minute respectively.
Similarly, Leopold Street edged Ansa McAl 2-1. Darren Benjamin and Omallo Williams scored in the 15th and 17th minute respectively.
For Ansa McAl, Mavlvis Alcala netted in the 14th minute.
Likewise, Future Stars squeaked past Albouystown 3-2. Jamal Cozier, Selwyn Williams, and Dellon Kelly scored in the eighth, 13th and 16th minute respectively.
For Albouystown, Moses Grittens and Andre Webber netted in the 14th and 18th minute respectively.
Meanwhile, Gold is Money defeated Mocha 3-1. Jamal Pedro, Michael Pedro, and Stephon McLean scored in the seventh, ninth and 15th minute respectively.
For the losers, Amos Ramsay found the back of the net in the 18th minute. Also, Rio All-Stars battled past Alexander Village 2-0. New recruit Trayon Bobb recorded a double in the eighth and 18th minute.
In other results, Avocado Ballers dismantled North East La Penitence 5-1 while Festival City crushed Sophia 4-1. Meanwhile, Sparta Boss received a bye to the quarter-finals.
The winners of the tournament will pocket $300,000 and the championship trophy. The runners-up will collect $150,000 while the third- and fourth-place finishers will receive $75,000 and $50,000 respectively with the corresponding accolade. Below is a list of the complete fixtures and results for the previous matches.

Quarter-final fixtures
Festival City v Bent St – 20:00h
Rio All-Stars v Avocado Ballers – 20:30hrs
Leopold St v Gold is Money – 21:00h
Sparta Boss v Future Stars – 21:30h

Complete Results
Game 1
North East La Penitence 1-Avocado Ballers 4

Avocado scorers
Travis Henry – 8th and 16th
Sherwin Caesar – 5th
Dexter Marshall – 14th

North East scorer
Shaquille Browne –15th

Game 2
Festival City 5-Sophia 1

Festival scorers
Jermaine Tinch – 1st, 9th, 17th and 18th
Mickel Brandt – 14th

Sophia scorer
Tskedi Sealey – 2nd

Game 3
Leopold St 2-Ansa McAl 1

Leopold scorers
Darren Benjamin – 15th
Omallo Williams – 17th

Ansa scorer
Mavlvis Alcala – 14th

Game 4
Gold is Money 3-Mocha 1

Gold is Money scorers
Jamal Pedro – 7th
Michael Pedro – 9th
Stephon McLean – 15th

Mocha scorer
Amos Ramsay – 18th

Game 5
Future Stars 3-Albouystown 2

Future scorers
Jamal Cozier – 8th
Selwyn Williams – 13th
Dellon Kelly – 16th

Albouystown scorers
Moses Grittens – 14th
Andre Webber – 18th

Game 6
Rio All-Stars 2-Alexander Village 0
Trayon Bobb – 8th and 18th

Game 7
Bent St 3-Broad St 2

Bent scorers
William Europe – 4th and 9th
Daniel Wilson – 16th

Broad scorers
Ryan Dowding – 7th
Akeem Sam – 18th