All out…

…of tea leaves
Here we are, with more than a third of the ballot boxes recounted. But your Eyewitness is still waiting to exhale, ‘cause the PNC and their minions had warned about the shock we’d all get when we see “what’s in those boxes”. Gasp!! They didn’t actually say what were in the boxes, and your Eyewitness’s febrile imagination has since been in overdrive. Was it going to be that long-lost Ark of the Covenant that had enough powers to wipe us all out? Was it going to be Pandora’s Box?
He knew it couldn’t be one of those pestilences from the Bible, since that had already been loosed upon us in the form of COVID-19. Water turning to blood; frogs, lice, flies; livestock pestilence; boils, hail, locusts; darkness, and the killing of firstborn children were now old hat after two World Wars that took what, a hundred million lives? Boils? Folks scoff at that nowadays; and the way things are going in Guyana, they are even scoffing at COVID!!
So, what have we found up to now?? Well, one of the boxes had mysteriously developed a hole, into which water had seeped to soak all the ballots and papers contained therein. Was it this? After all, since the entire container couldn’t have been leaking, how come the water was able to enter this particular box that had a hole?? What were the probabilities of this occurring with a container having a roof 40’x8’?? By the time your Eyewitness was about to solve this math question, the box was opened, papers dried, and nothing untoward was found. Whew!!
Then the PNC came out claiming they had “agents in the field” – no, not those Russians…Ramjattan had expelled them, and in any case, they were hired by the PPP! – who’d already scoped out the voters list and knew of “countless” and “numerous” instances of dead and migrated folks voting. For the PPP! Relatives, friends and neighbours had told the PNC “agents”. Never mind how the aforesaid tattlers knew how these absent folks had “voted” if the PPP had done this surreptitiously!!
But this was too mundane, after all the dire warnings the PNC had uttered; not only because they’d been using those rigging techniques since 1968. This was just a diversion – a misdirection – and why the PNC hadn’t produced a scintilla of hard evidence to support their daily claims of voting dead and apparated bodies. After all, with Winston Felix in charge of death certificates and immigration records, that wasn’t a problem, was it?
Naah! With some 1600 boxes to go, your Eyewitness hopes his boggled mind doesn’t explode before “what cannot be named” is found inside those boxes!!!!

…on PNC’s new narrative
One takeaway from this elections hijack is the term “narrative”. Every day the word’s bandied about – even by the politicians. And you know, when that happens, the word’s been sucked dry of any explanatory content. A “narrative” has rules to which those spouting it must adhere. Aristotle described the genre as the gist of a story that’s linked through a causal chain of events by a beginning and an end, and which (in his time) was related by a single individual.
So, what’s the PNC’s new narrative?? All they are doing after they discovered that their ploy to have Mingo barefacedly rig the elections in front of the world (akin to dropping his pants in Macy’s window!!) is having a new individual every day at the ACCC describing new (contradictory) allegations.
Their new beginning is that the PPP rigged the entire electoral system!! However, the GECOM Chair just reiterated the “causal chain” needed to get to the ending they want: He who asserts must prove!!
It’s not a narrative, it’s a tragedy!!

…of hope
The Carter Center have finally accepted Granger’s recalcitrance on transparent elections. They said they’re “disappointed that the Government of Guyana chose not to demonstrate a genuine commitment to transparency.”
What else did they expect??