AmCham teams up with US Embassy to host Thanksgiving luncheon for seniors

US Ambassador Nicole Theriot along AmCham President Devindra Kissoon, caregivers and others

In keeping with its annual commitment to improve the mental health and well-being of seniors, AmCham Guyana recently partnered with the US Embassy in Georgetown to host a heartwarming Thanksgiving luncheon.
The event was hosted at the residence of US Ambassador Nicole Theriot, and saw over 70 elders from the Byer’s, Archer’s and Mercy Senior Citizens’ Homes in attendance.
This longstanding tradition not only brings joy to the seniors, but offers a special moment of connection at a time when families reunite and express gratitude.
President of AmCham Guyana, Devindra Kissoon, stated, “This opportunity allows us to gather with colleagues and share a meal with elders who have shaped our communities. We are keen to show our gratitude to our seniors, reminding them that they are valuable to us, and have not been forgotten.”

A section of the gathering at the event

Kissoon further expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Theriot and her team at the US Embassy for hosting the event. He added that Ambassador Theriot, immediately upon her arrival, demonstrated a keen commitment to supporting AmCham’s community initiatives, and noted that fostering a connection between different generations is truly commendable.
The event, which has been a collaborative tradition for the past five years, was made possible through the generosity of several sponsors.
By fostering a sense of inclusivity, AmCham aims to further its commitment to corporate social responsibility, highlighting the importance of values that extend beyond business interests.
The active participation and support of AmCham’s members demonstrate their commitment to these values, exemplifying the organization’s dedication to making a positive and meaningful contribution to the wider community and the underprivileged.