Arsonist sets Linden snackette on fire

…owner thankful fire only caused external damages

A shopkeeper is counting her lucky stars that her business was saved after it was allegedly set afire by an arsonist.
Reports are that Jackqaline Payne of Lot 265 One Mile, Wismar, Linden, closed her snackette which she operates at the One Mile Public Road, Linden, at about 20:30h on Saturday and went to visit a friend in the area.
A short while after, the 55-year-old woman received a call from the Guyana Fire Service’s Linden Branch informing her that her shop was on fire.
According to the police, the woman arrived at the scene moments after being notified and in the presence of the law enforcement officials and fire attendants and she went into the shop to assess the damages.
However, Payne was beyond grateful to learn that only the outside of her snackette was damaged as a result of the quick action by the firefighters.
Meanwhile, the police said that when the scene was visited by detectives, it was observed that kerosene was used to start the fire.
A plastic bottle which was used to store kerosene was found one foot away from the shop.
Additionally, the police noted that several persons were questioned about the incident. Investigations are ongoing.