Be an inspiration for other communities – Pres Ali to young Leopold St block-makers

President Dr Irfaan Ali on Tuesday offered words of encouragement to the youths in Leopold Street, Georgetown who are involved in block-making as they make efforts to attain skills and play an active role in the country’s workforce.
These youths form part of the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CH&PA’s) Community-based Employment Stimulation Project (CESP), which was conceptualised in 2021 to boost economic activity and employment for persons living in vulnerable communities. The young Leopold Street residents are currently managing their own company –Leopold Street Inc – which has been contracted by the Housing and Water Ministry to build 1800 concrete blocks in the first phase. To date, the company has completed 600. The Housing Ministry is expected to engage Leopold Street Inc in the construction of 10 houses.
President Ali, during his visit, commended their work and remarked that they are an inspiration to other young people across the country.
“You have this opportunity of not only doing something for yourselves, families and your community, but an opportunity to be an inspiration for other communities, other young people; to take young people out of their situation,” Ali said.
The President added that the work these youths are doing plays an essential role in the development of the country overall.
“Part of what you’re doing is also to give back to the community,” he continued. “I want you guys who have made the effort to come forward to help the others. Talk with them, reason with them to come on board, because the more people on board, the more families’ lives will improve.”
Minister within the Public Works Ministry, Deodat Indar, and technical officers from the Housing Ministry were also present during this visit.
Minister Indar hasexpressed admiration for the youths’ work ethic. “These young fellows are very willing, very hardworking, and that gives you encouragement to work with them,” Indar has said.

President Dr Irfaan Ali engaging with young community members involved in block-making at Leopold Street

This project’s scope includes start-up support, tools, materials, transportation, market sourcing for blocks, and project management. It is one of the many ventures which the Government has embarked on to ensure the upskilling of Guyanese across several sectors, to fill gaps that exist in the labour force as well as help Guyanese to learn valuable skills and improve their financial situations.
In 2021, as a way to increase their money management and life skills, as well as allow them to present themselves as more employable, the Government had engaged in training several persons with disabilities in block-making.
Those blocks were to be supplied to build 900 houses at Little and Great Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara.