Between the lines…

…of Trump’s message
The Government rag boasted that President Trump “congratulated” President Granger and Guyana on our 49th Republic Anniversary. But Burnham once castigated his followers during their 1979 Biennial Congress, “Comrades, the problem with you is you only read what’s on TOP of the lines! You have to also read BETWEEN the lines.”
So, taking that prompt, let’s read between the lines of the statement: “As your government and the people of Guyana assess the future direction of your country, know that the US recognises and honours Guyana’s respect for the principles and integrity of democratic governance and institutions.” OK…let’s concede that Trump didn’t personally pen that message! He sticks to Twitter’s 280 character limit!!
It was crafted by folks in the State Department who’ve been watching developments in Guyana like a hawk. From being a shith*le country not worth the bother after the fall of the Iron Curtain, we suddenly jumped into their radar screens with Exxon’s mega oil find and the end-game in sight over in neighbouring Venezuela. For both of those reasons, the US wants a STABLE Guyana that won’t rock (Exxon’s) boat, and will encircle Venezuela with stable pro-US regimes.
So the first thing that jumped out to your Eyewitness was – out of the cornucopia of values the US pushes – Pres Trump chose to hone in on: “respect for the principles and integrity of democratic governance and institutions”.  And that, dear readers, is not a coincidence!! As the State Department declares on its website: “Democratically governed nations are more likely to secure the peace, deter aggression, expand open markets, promote economic development, protect American citizens, combat international terrorism and crime, uphold human and worker rights, avoid humanitarian crises and refugee flows, improve the global environment, and protect human health.”
So, between the lines, we can see that the US is quite concerned about President Granger and his PNC-led Government showing ABOSLUTELY NO “respect for the principles and integrity of democratic governance and institutions” since they came into office in 2015. After giving them their “seal of approval” then for their “multiracial” commitment, the US had to’ve been disappointed by the racially skewed employment practices; their militarisation of Government institutions; the gross disrespect for the judiciary (“perceptions” not definitive “judgements”!!); unilateral appointment of the GECOM Chair (against the Carter Center inspired Art 106 (6)); and for the coup d’ grace – refusal to respect the Legislative-approved NCM!!
We all understand that, in international relations, foreign governments – even lone superpowers standing – have to be diplomatic in their reprimand of governments straying from the democratic path.
But the steel fist will come out when their strategic interests are threatened!!

 …on remembering Burnham
Robert Corbin uncharacteristically came out from the shadows — where he was shrouded since passing the PNC leadership baton to David Granger – to extol the virtues of their founder leader Forbes Burnham. Some had wondered why Granger? But after Granger admitted he’d been a faithful member of the PNC ever since he joined the army in 1965 – that cleared up matters. The then youthful Corbin – who’d earned his spurs in the Wismar outrages – had to have encountered Granger since that time, because the YSM members had to get army training, in addition to G-3 rifles!!
Now back to Burnham’s “virtues”. Your Eyewitness wouldn’t doubt that Burnham might’ve had excellent hopes for Guyana. But it is truly said: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”!! So when PNC types like Corbin and Granger mention his “accomplishments”, shouldn’t they also mention the denouement of the hell into which he plunged all Guyana? Including his partisans??
But the more intriguing question is: why Corbin’s emergence? Could it be he’s tossing his hat into the ring if there’s need for a new PNC candidate?
After all, he’s younger than Granger!!

…on GECOM’s PNC partisanship
Newly minted AA, Vincent Alexander, candidly explained GECOM’s 4-3 vote:  “[Now] people are looking after interest. There’s no principle involved here…It’s what suits your purpose…”