Body of missing man found at Splashmin’s Resort

Outing turns deadly

The body of 25-year-old Dinesh Ramdas, of Lot A Coghlan Street, West Bank Demerara (WBD), was recovered on Monday morning after he drowned at the Splashmin’s Resort on Sunday.

Dead: Dinesh Ramdas

Guyana News understands that the discovery was made by relatives of the deceased and employees of the Resort. When this publication visited the dead man’s family on Monday, they were in a state of shock.
His mother, Shelly Ann Ramdas told this newspaper that her eldest child and a few of his friends were at a creek outside the Splashmin’s Resort on Sunday. She related that they were playing a game when the ball disappeared over a fence that leads to the private resort. The grieving mother said that her son went to retrieve the ball, but went underwater and never resurfaced. After some time, his friends noticed that he had not returned and began a search.
The woman said that upon learning of the incident, she, along with other family members, visited the Timehri Police Station about 18:00h and reported the matter.
“We hearing all different things. They said he and the friends went playing cricket and he went for the ball…After, we leave and go up there, but when we reach, the Police was already coming out with his friends, so we had to go and let them take the statements,” Ramdas’s mother explained.
They were then advised by ranks to check the Resort but while employees were willing to assist, the facility’s management was reportedly uncooperative.
“We went back to Splashmin’s to see if anybody can help we find his body. It had an individual there and he was willing to go if they give us a boat. When we go to them, they said no, that they can’t do that. They don’t have no lifeguard or security on standby if something happening in the water,” she stated.
Ramdas’s mother also related that her son knew how to swim, making it difficult to understand how he drowned. “The same spot that he go down, that’s the same spot that they find him,” she said.
The 25-year-old was the eldest of three siblings.
An investigation was launched into the matter.
Over the years, many persons have lost their lives at resorts along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway during outings and other activities.
Less than a year ago, the body of 18-year-old Ronaldo Gomes of Lot 8 Norton Street, Wortmanville, Georgetown, was recovered from the Splashmin’s Resort, after he was believed to have drowned.
The teenager went to the creek with his cousin, a bus owner who was hired to transport some persons to the private resort. As the group was getting ready to leave, persons realised Gomes was missing.
Upon searching and making enquiries, they were informed that the water became rough as the teen was swimming and he ventured out to the deep end. The cousin reportedly said that the teen went beyond the barricade ropes and was allegedly hit by a jet-ski.
His body was found floating with injuries to the face.