Bounty Colts, Ravens and Kwakwani Untouchables bag wins

The inaugural “One Guyana” Basketball Tournament continued on Saturday, November 18, at the National Gymnasium with three games, in which Bounty Colts, Ravens and Kwakwani Untouchables secured wins.
Bounty Colts Captain Quacy Lindo started the day’s proceedings by leading his team to a victory against the winless Leonora D-UP Rising Stars, with their shooting accuracy giving them the lead in the first quarter with 25 points.
The Colts’ dominance continued in the second quarter, as they showcased their dribbling and passing skills by scoring 23 points, taking their score to 48 points, while their opponents were limited to 12 points and 30 total at the end of the second quarter.

The Bounty Colts

The Stars’ defence was not tight enough to prevent the Colts from penetrating on many occasions in the third quarter as they bounced their total to 74 points while the Stars scored 10 points, to put their total at 40 points.
In the final quarter, the Colts destroyed the Stars’ chances of reaching the next round as they scored eight points for a final score of 85 points, with their opponents making 47 points overall.
In an exclusive interview with Guyana Times Sports, the Bounty Colts Captain emphasised the inclusion of younger players in the team and the level of fitness going into the other rounds of the league.
“I feel good after the win and to be honest, it was an unexpected win and not to be too boasty, but you know we expected this win. We wanted to give some of the younger players a chance to play this game to see how they mesh with the older team and so coming down later into the tournament, we would see a fit team to play the final and semi-final,” he said.
In the second game, coming off a loss in their previous game against the Pacesetters, the Kwakwani Untouchables showcased their ability to swish the ball from the three-point line as they annihilated the Mambas with the scoreline reading 21-18.
The Kwakwani outfit embraced their very fast style of play as they went up in the first quarter of the game to score 21 points while their opponents scored 18.
The second quarter was no different, as the Kwakwani squad, deemed tournament favourites, scored 25 points, while their opponents failed to put the ball through the net consistently – scoring just nine points to take their total to 22 points.
The third quarter also belonged to the Untouchables, who put the ball through the net for 18 points, although the opposition much improved with the difference between the teams being one point.
The Untouchables secured the win in the final quarter, scoring 16 points to racket a total of 80 points at the end of the game, while the Mambas scored 13 points for a total of 57.
Coming off a loss, the Ravens, in the night’s final game, showcased their class as they managed to trounce the GDF to win the game 70 points to 57 points.(Omar Mckenzie)