CAL launches ‘One Caribbean Identity’

…as Machel Montano makes Stabroek Square fly

By Lakhram Bhagirat

They were charged, ready to go, bursting with energy even before “Dr Mash-up” made his way on the stage at the Stabroek Market Square in the capital city. It was a launch campaign like none other in the recent history of Guyana. The music was right, the vibes was perfect, and the performances truly captured the essence of the entire campaign and left everyone feeling like “Hulk”.
The skies were overcast, it drizzled before it poured briefly but that did not stop the soca junkies as they made their way into the parking area at Stabroek Square for the launce of the Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) Caribbean Identity campaign.

One would question why would hundreds possibly thousands flock that small area for the launch of just a campaign promoting the Caribbean experience, but the attraction was not the campaign but rather it was the face of that campaign that attracted those in their numbers.
That face was none other than the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of Soca music, “Dr Mash-up” himself, “Dr Monk” or “Dr of Soca” or as many know him – Machel Montano. He brought the vibes, he brought unity and most of all he created an experience that will most definitely make those in attendance remember CAL’s Caribbean Identity campaign.
There was very little hype around the launch since many did not know of it until reports surfaced on social media on Tuesday. Prior to Machel’s performance, Chief Executive Officer of Caribbean Airlines Garvin Madera underscored the importance of such a campaign, explaining that it embraces and celebrates the authenticity of the Caribbean region and all the elements that make it unique.
“The Caribbean Identity is the culture and the spirit of our many diverse nations – united by a shared sea and our similar and powerful heritage. Through ‘The

Caribbean Airlines CEO, Garvin Madera

Caribbean Identity’, we will showcase the best of our Caribbean region and reflect it across our airline identity, from our branding, to our community activities, to our presence at festivals and major cultural and heritage events,” he noted.
Madera said Caribbean Airlines and Guyana enjoy a great relationship, explaining that throughout the Caribbean region, the airline operates over 600 flights on a weekly basis, with many of them to and from Guyana. He lauded the local staffers for their dedication towards advancing the service of the airline as well as their service to its customers.
“It speaks proudly and loudly to the vibrancy of our cultures, the energy of our music, the splendor of our landscapes and of course, the humour and heart of our people. For 2019 our core message as a business will be centred around the Caribbean Identity. This is a concept to which we can all relate,” he said.
The Airline’s CEO related that the campaign is an affirmation of the uniqueness of the Caribbean region and its people, adding that just as the motto of Guyana is ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny’ that the wider region as forged the

The Park Side Steel Orchestra

Caribbean Identity.
During the launch it was revealed that CAL will be the official airline for Mashramani, as well as the Guyana Independence Carnival. In addition, they have also partnered with the Park Side Steel Orchestra which will be re-branded as the Caribbean Airlines Park Side Steel Orchestra.
Present at the launch was the Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton, who lauded the Airline for its commitment to the Guyanese market as well as its contribution to the local cultural activities.
After the formal presentations were completed, it was a complete party. Hips were moving, people gyrating as the crowd which amassed to over one thousand people waited with bated breath to see Machel. However, before they could have seen the GOAT they were treated to entertainment from Guyanese Timeka Marshall as she served as the opening act for the much-anticipated main item.
Like every concert experience, the MC hyped up the main act and DJ Casual

A section of the crowd that packed Stabroek Square

coupled with Selector Shizzle were nothing less than perfect as they set the stage for Machel to entertain.
Machel brought out the classics and even his newest tracks for Trinidad Carnival 2019. He had the entire Stabroek Square in a frenzy as he had them flying to the Caribbean Airlines jingle and left them wining and flinging it up.
Without a doubt it was certainly a concert performance he delivered which immediately set the stage for Mashramani celebrations. There is no other like Machel Montano and the title “GOAT” suits perfectly.