CCWU celebrate Lula’s victory in Brazil’s election

Dear Editor,
With more than 60 million votes, Brazilian Presidential Candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has been elected President of the Brazilian Republic. The President-elect will begin his third term as President of the country on 1 January 2023.
“We are going to live in new times of peace, love, and hope, Lula is here to rule the country — in a very difficult situation, but he will be sure that, with the help of the people, we will find a way out and restore peace.”
Lula has been a central figure in Brazilian politics for over three decades. After serving as head of a steelworkers’ union in São Paulo in the 1970s, and leading a historic strike during the military dictatorship, Lula was pivotal in establishing the Workers Party alongside other trade unionists, intellectuals, and politicians. His victory represents a historic comeback, after serving as the first working-class President for two terms: between 2003 and 2010, and then having to endure the ensuing political persecution that saw him accused and convicted of corruption.
In March 2021, his convictions were annulled by a Supreme Court Judge, opening a path for Lula to run for the Presidency in 2022. During his campaign, Lula expressed a desire to adopt new labour legislation based on tripartite bargaining that would restore workers’ rights, strengthen collective bargaining and union representation, and give special attention to informal and gig economy workers.
The CCWU congratulate our Brazilian workers who have supported Lula’s campaign, and who continue to advocate for the rights of Brazilian workers and for the democratic values that sit at the heart of our movement.
Trade unionists the world over will be celebrating Lula’s victory. The CCWU stand with our Brazilian comrades in supporting Lula and the labour movement in Brazil to rebuild and reunite a nation.
“Lula said that his number one priority is alleviating the crippling poverty that has led to 33 million Brazilians facing hunger, and over 100 million living under the poverty line. His renewed leadership to restore social, environmental and economic justice, and to build an economy around equality, and not greed, will ensure that tens of millions of people are better off.”
The Clerical & Commercial Workers’ Union (CCWU) today mark a new chapter for Brazil. We celebrate Lula’s victory, and look forward to his leadership as he heals the nation from the divisions that have fractured its fabric. We look forward to working with our brother and sister unions to build a more equal and sustainable future for Brazil, and to progress the rights of workers, not only in Brazil, but across the region.
We celebrate Lula’s triumph. We are convinced that workers in Brazil and across the region would benefit from Lula’s return to the Presidency. It will not be an easy task for his Government, but we are confident that the interests of our brother and sister unions and the international trade union movement: to maintain and strengthen workers’ rights in Brazil and in the region, will regain momentum after years of neoliberal attacks.

Yours faithfully,
Sherwood Clarke
General Secretary