Chase’s Academy continues its sport drive with new gym

Chase’s Academy continues to set the platform for the promotion of sports for it students at its Parade Street educational institution.
A 3.2 million dollar gym was recently opened to assist with the development of the many athletes who attend the school, and all other interested students who are inclined to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Henry Chase, owner of Chase’s Academy, with one of his students at the new gym. Also in their possession are two of the school’s accolades from tournaments they have won

Henry Chase, Director of Chase’s Academy, noted that his objective is to help to develop professional athletes, and in order to do so, the necessary resources must be provided.
The learning institution is attended by some of the nation’s top athletes from most of the mainstream and unpopular sporting disciplines, who could utilize the fitness facility to their benefit.
The athletes attend the school on free sport scholarships exceeding more than 5 million dollars annually, and the school does not receive assistance from the Government or the private sector.
The school’s athletes would be allowed free access to the gym, while other interested students will pay $4,000 to utilize the facility.