Church’s Chicken bats for Big Man Cricket tournament

– 12 teams interested in participating

Guyana’s current number one and fastest growing fast-food chicken outlet, Church’s Chicken, has joined the growing list of sponsors for the Big Man Cricket tournament scheduled to commence in Guyana on Sunday, November 22, 2020.
When approached by the BMC-G Committee, Church’s officials readily agreed to sponsor such a noble and worthwhile venture, and absolutely loved the theme of the tournament. They indicated their happiness that this tournament would be featuring teams from across the country, and that matches would be held countrywide. 19
Church’s Chicken has many outlets. In Georgetown, these can be found at Camp and Middle St; at Avenue of the Republic, and at Mandela Avenue. Then there are restaurants in New Amsterdam, Linden and at Vreed-en-Hoop, WCD. Most recently, with the advent of COVID-19, Church’s has opened drive thru- operations at the former JR Burgers Building in Sandy Babb St, Kitty and at the corner of Aubrey Barker Road and David Rose Street (Former Royal Castle location) in the South Ruimveldt area. Both locations offer curbside pick-up services which are also available at most Church’s Chicken locations.
The 12 teams that have so far indicated their interest in participating in the Big Man Cricket tournament are: Upper Corentyne; Jai Hind; East Coast Strikers; GT Royal Rangers; Sarjoo Tigers; Regal Masters; Everest Masters; West Bank Warriors; West Dem Vipers; Essequibo Eagles; Ras Tafar Eye Patriarchs and The Godfathers.
The BMC Committee, having originally targeted 10 teams, will now have to decide on whether to run a 10-team competition or a 12-team one. The format will see each team playing the other teams once in the round-robin preliminary round, and then the top four teams will advance to the semifinals. The winning semifinalists will then battle for the inaugural BMC championship.
In regard to the onset of inclement weather, the BMC-G is looking closely at that situation, because it does not want to run a disjointed tournament.
The BMC tournament will be contested among players who are over 45 years old, and has already attracted sponsorship from Game Xpress and Banks DIH.
Tournament updates are also available on its Facebook page.