Claiming victory in a process that you are discrediting is totally absurd

Dear Editor,
It is most absurd, illogical and outlandish that a political party can claim victory in a process they now vehemently discredit, it just does not make sense. In one breath you embrace the election, claiming victory for your party and now in a recount of the ballots you are discrediting those very results, it makes one’s argument blatantly foolish. But such is the situation with the APNU/AFC cabal as it relates to the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections here in Guyana. If I could put it in the simplest of terms, it is a lot of double-talking convoluted trash, something that lacks any soundness whatsoever. A pathetic show of persons who want to forge ahead with this the newest form of stupidity.
Though some in their midst, and I am speaking here of some decent, upright and moral persons within that party, are sounding the warning bells to the rigging horde to stop the madness and bow out gracefully. But they are sticking to their script, never mind the shame, never mind the embarrassment, never mind the international condemnation, let us persist with this to the end.
The situation cannot get more bizarre than what it already is. When you read in the State’s newspaper of the issuance of a congratulatory message to Mr Granger on his victory at the polls, one is tempted to ask which polls, and under what circumstances? What was the criteria or method used to gain victory? What yardstick mechanism did they use to get there? But like I said, this is the classical “dotishness” that prevails.
No one believes this nonsense, even if you had half a brain, but like repeat felons, they keep telling themselves it is not a bad move after all, keep repeating it over and over, eventually, it becomes believable. But from whichever angle you choose to view it, criminals they are because they are taking down an entire nation with them. And here is where the hilarity ends and the gravity of the situation grips us. Should we allow this foolishness to overwhelm us that we are so stunned into accepting it and risk a whole nation being blacklisted and brought into pariah status, all because of a few imbeciles’ obstinate refusal to vacate office? My answer is a resounding no, we cannot allow such degradation! This nonsense has to stop!
The PNC are bad losers from time immemorial and the AFC joining forces with them make it even worse. Both sections of the coalition are obsessed with power and this is the troubling factor that has kept this charade going on for so long, but at some point, it must come to an end.
Our country is suffering tremendously as a result of these spineless antics.

Neil Adams