We need a clean slate

Dear Editor,
On May 17, 2020, I read an observation report for ballot box number 4116, Diamond Nursery School, Diamond, East Bank Demerara, Guyana. The observation report read:
“…Also that APNU+AFC is questioning the integrity of all present on E-Day eg GECOM officials, Police Officers etc.”
The Statement of Recount for ballot box number 4416 shows that APNU got 138 votes whilst the main opposition, the PPP received 99 votes.
I have also heard comrade Aubrey Norton of APNU/AFC question the integrity of GECOM’s staff by claiming that a number of Presiding Officers were bought by the PPP.
I wish to remind the public that GECOM’s role is to manage and supervise the elections in Guyana. GECOM is supposed to be impartial, independent and unbiased. Logically, therefore, if GECOM was compromised, then heads must start to roll. I, therefore, call for the immediate firing of Keith Lowenfield, Chief Elections Officer and Roxanne Myers, Deputy Chief Elections Officer since it was under their watch and supervision GECOM became compromised.
I also call for the resignation of all Commissioners of GECOM and the Chairperson at the end of the recount process and I call upon comrade Aubrey Norton to release the names of all Presiding Officers who were bribed so that they may be charged by the police.

Sam Browne