Clean sweep

Satiricus was having that queasy feeling once again. Would it never stop? Here it was, he thought his leader Rum Jhaat escaped comparatively unscathed after the Camp Street Breakout. But before he could relax, up came the news that 13 prisoners had absconded from the Lusignan Cow Pen that had been pressed into service as a jail. He dragged himself to the Back Street Bar like a cow being led to the slaughter. He was not disappointed.
“Sato me fr’en’,” began Bungi before Satiricus could even take his seat. “Ah wha’ yuh bass a do?? ‘e cyaan even watch dem jail-man in de open?”
“It’s not that simple, Bungi,” said Satiricus wearily as he signalled the waitress for a beer. “They got away through their tunnel when it was raining.”
“But wha’ me waan fuh know,” said Bungi quickly. “Rum Jhaat na put police and soldier fuh look out fram all four side?”
“What do you know about that?” asked Hari, trying to rescue Satiricus and encourage him to take care of the beer supply.
“Budday, when abee na cut cane in de out-a-crap, abee does ketch rat,” answered Bungi. “Abee ah spead out pan all four side ah de fiel’ an’ dem rat cyaan escape!”
“But the prisoners had dug a hole under the fence,” protested Satiricus. “The guards couldn’t see them.”
“Sato,” said Bungi patiently, “Rat does hide in hole tuh. Abdee does look fuh hole and jook dem wid stick!’
“That’s not fair,” said Hari, still working on his free-beer scheme. “Prisoners and rats are different!”
“Me know ‘bout da,” replied Bungi. “W’en yuh deal wid animal an’ people, yuh gat fuh train yuh people fuh know wha’ dem guh do, befo’ dem do am!”
“Well, Rum Jhaat has launched ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ and will capture all the escapees!” said Satiricus confidently.
“Sato, yuh gat fuh get new broom, fuh sweep clean!’ said Bungi slyly.