Climate change has caused unexpected shifts in weather patterns

Dear Editor,
Over the past few years, climate change has caused unexpected shifts in weather patterns, particularly a prolonged period of drought. This has had a significant impact on both the daily lives of people and the livelihoods of farmers. However, thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture’s extension services, these affected farmers are receiving, and will continue to receive, the necessary support to ensure the sustainability of agriculture now and in the future.
Previously, we experienced heavy rainfall that led to severe flooding. However, it is important to note that efforts to improve drainage and irrigation systems are ongoing. Taking a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one, is crucial in effectively managing such a vital industry.
The Ministry of Agriculture has a budget allocation of $97.6B, of which $29.4B has been designated for drainage and irrigation projects. Those include construction of two canals similar to the Hope Canal, and acquisition of 40 mobile pumps.
Additionally, $72.3B has been allocated for the maintenance and enhancement of the national drainage and irrigation network. This demonstrates the Government’s proactive stance in addressing these issues. The work carried out by the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) may seem straightforward, but it plays a crucial role in rehabilitating the drainage system and ensuring proper irrigation for farmers. As the agriculture sector introduces new high-value crops, it is essential that the infrastructure keeps pace, and not remain stagnant as in the past.

David Benn