…your defeat, Granger
The CEO of the Covid-19 Task Force, Joseph Harmon, still acts as if he’s the major domo of the Presidential Ministry. While he was the Campaign Manager of the APNU/AFC coalition and General Secretary of APNU, your Eyewitness wonders what exactly is his relationship to David Granger to pronounce so authoritatively on the latter’s behalf. Some thought he was Granger’s Svengali – you know, exercising some kinda sinister controlling or “mesmeric” influence on his former army boss.
But nobody takes that seriously…Granger just likes to play the good cop, bad cop routine, and Harmon – who insists he’ll be succeeding Granger, hence his pugnacity – becomes the heavy. Remember him firing off some 11 letters to GECOM on his “irregularities” tall tales and demanding they respond – or else?? GECOM didn’t pay him no mind, and we didn’t hear a squeak from him. Anyhow, to repeated calls from every country in the free world – and some – that it’s time Granger accepts the APNU/AFC was drubbed at the elections and should concede, Harmon was livid.
“[There is] a report in the Elections Commission showing all the valid votes and still people are calling for Mr Granger to concede. Concede to what? Concede to who? What is he to concede to? It appears to me — and I’ll venture to say any right-thinking person — to be a most ridiculous and nonsensical proposition,” he insisted. The fella who (hopefully?) finally gave up his US citizenship when he was outed as a dual citizen and stripped from his Ministerial position then went on to warn that Guyana “does not take lightly interference into its sovereignty as a nation.” Irony is lost when ambition gets the better of you!!  He concluded conclusively: “To those persons who are calling for Mr Granger to concede, that is not going to happen.”
“Concede to what??” How about the Constitution of this country?? After he embarrassed the nation when he made Guyana a laughing stock for having to be lectured by the CCJ as to what constituted a “majority of 65”, does he really want us to have a repeat performance on what is the meaning of “valid votes”?? “Concede to who?” Your Eyewitness will overlook Harmon’s grammatical faux pas on confusing the nominative with the objective (“who” with “whom”!) and answer quite simply – concede to the majority of the voters of Guyana who didn’t vote for his “list”.
Wasn’t he the one who said the recount would produce the “valid votes”?? Well, it did – check the SoRs and the 10 Certificates of Recount.
“What is he to concede?” The PNC still retains the loyalty of a significant segment of our citizenry.
Concede to them he’s moving on.

…that the PNC’s isolated
Used to be that the Bible for political parties was “How to win friends and influence people”, but that’s been turned on its head by the PNC after the elections. A funny thing happened to them after Mingo did his thing over at the Ashmin’s building: they’ve pretty much run out of people to cuss out!!  Could you believe a political party cussing out the ambassadors of the US, UK, Canada and the EU in one breath?? Throw in the Commonwealth (54 countries with one and a half billion bodies) for good measure and you get an idea of their funk!!
The unkindest cut of all was their cussing out of a slew of Heads of Government from Caricom. Heck, does the PNC remember that Burnham was a founding member of the body, which he said was his most noteworthy accomplishment. Does the PNC realise what is the meaning of “Community”?? Heck, this means we’re family; sisters and brothers are we!!
When they run to the rock for rescue, there’ll be no rock!

…that time longer than twine
The PNC think they’re quite clever to’ve strung out the PPP for a year on the NCM, and now, almost four months on their elections defeat.
But time longer than twine…and all smart flies end on…