Construction worker shot dead in Agricola

A construction worker was in the wee hours of Monday killed after gunfire erupted in a crowd at Brutus Street, Agricola, Greater Georgetown. Dead is 27-year-old Tyron Duesberry of Kitty, Georgetown.

Dead: Tyron Duesberry

According to information received, the now dead man, along with his wife and two friends, had left a popular bar in Georgetown and took a drive on the East Bank to look for party spots that were opened.
However, in their search, they saw a massive crowd at Brutus Street, Agricola and decided to stop.
As the car came to a halt, loud explosions began emanating from within the crowd. By the time Duesberry could have taken cover, one of the bullets hit the back windscreen and struck him in the back. The bullet exited his abdomen.
Shortly after, his wife realised that he was shot after seeing blood. The driver was informed that the father of one was shot and immediately sped from the area and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
No arrests were made, but the Police are continuing their investigations.