Driver with disability slapped with four traffic charges

Jamie Narine was arraigned on Thursday before Wales Magistrate Clive Nurse on four road traffic offences, but pleaded not guilty to every charge.
Police allege that on June 23, on the La Grange Public Road, West Bank Demerara, the 27-year-old father of two, of Long Pond, Sisters Village, drove motor car PTT 6624 in a manner dangerous to the public.

Jamie Narine was released on $25,000 bail

He also was accused of using the said motor car to cross double solid yellow lines. Moreover, the police allege that Narine, currently unemployed, drove the motor vehicle while his identification was not easily distinguishable because the glass on the vehicle was so dark that neither the driver nor passenger could be identified.
After pleading not-guilty to the various charges, Narine, who lives with a disability, was released on $25,000 bail on the dangerous driving charge.