Elderly man charged for larceny

An elderly man on Friday made his appearance at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Christel Lambert charged with simple larceny.

Rohit Persaud of West Coast Demerara (WCD) was charged along with Arjun Budram for the incident.

Persaud, who was unrepresented in court, pleaded not guilty to the offense, which alleged that on May 4, 2016, at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD) he stole one cell phone valued $50,ooo. Budram did not appear in court.

The court heard that on the day in question, Persaud along with Budram stole the phone from one Paul (only name given) and attempted to sell it to the Virtual Complainant (VC), Surain Persaud, an overseas based Guyanese.

The VC told the court that he was approached by the two men who showed him the phone which he described as being in a gray casing, and asked him if he wanted to buy it.

He told the men no but before the phone could be handed back to them, a bus pulled up collected the men and pulled off.

The VC said he was left standing with the phone in his hand. He attempted to find the bus at the Vreed-en-Hoop Junction but was unsuccessful.

In the process of trying to find the bus, the VC said the phone rang and he answered. The person he spoke with, ‘Paul’ the owner of the phone asked him to report to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police station which he did.

After the matter was reported, both defendants were arrested and charged with the offense.

The phone was then handed back to the owner.

Magistrate Lambert asked the defendant if he would like to say anything in his defense to which he was refused.

As such he was released on self-bail and will have to return to court on 6 June, 2016 for decision.