Entries for Easter Sunday Port Mourant horse racing close on April 10

Entries for the highly-anticipated Easter Sunday (April 17) horse racing meet that is billed for the Port Mourant Turf Club on the Corentyne Coast will close on April 10.

Entries for these events close on April 10

Two other sponsors have come on board for the event. The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and Businessman Fazal Habibulla have joined Banks DIH, Kascon Engineering, A Sawh Mechanic Shop, Sandeep Poultry Farm, Sunil Poultry Supply, Jumbo Jet Auto Sales, AJM, K Jagdeo Contractors, and Sunil Pet Shop.
This Easter Sunday meet has six races carded, and the H Class event is the feature event, covering a distance of six furlongs and paying the winning animal $300,000.
The first race of the day is expected to see the 4-year-old Guyana-bred horses covering a distance of five furlongs for a first prize of $160,000. Second prize is $80,000 while third prize is $40,000 and fourth prize is $20,000. Horse owners are required to pay an entry fee of $20,000 to allow their animals to participate in this opening race.
The second race of the day is slated for 3-year-old Guyana bred horses, which will battle over six furlongs for supremacy and the first-place prize of $160,000. The other top three finishers would be paid amounts similar to what would be paid in the first race.
In the J Class race, over a distance of six furlongs, the first-place prize is $120,000, while the other top three finishers would receive $75,000, $37,000 and $18,000 respectively. The entry fee for this race is $18,000.
Race four will be for the J3 non-starters and K Class horses. It will be run over a distance of five furlongs for a first-place prize of $120,000. The animal placing second would receive $60,000, while third and fourth placers would be awarded $30,000 and $15,000 respectively.
The feature event, the H Class race, will be the penultimate event of the day. The top prize is $300,000, while the second prize is $150,000 and third and fourth prizes are $75,000 and $37,000 respectively. Horse owners will pay an entry fee of $37,000.
The curtains will come down on the meet after the L Class Open race has been run over six furlongs. The top prize in this race is $120,000, while the other three finishers would be paid $60,000, $30,000 and $15,000 respectively. Entry fee for this race is $15,000.
Based on the rules, all races will be run under the updated classification. No promotion or demotion would be allowed, and races would be run under the guidance of Guyana Horse Racing Authority rules.
The club reserves the right to cancel/reframe any race, and five horses must start before the third-place prize becomes payable.
Additionally, seven horses must start before the fourth-place prize becomes payable.
Persons desiring further details on any aspect of this meet are invited to contact Gingo on 618-7278, Dennis on 640-6396, or Rabani on 643-9696.
Admission fee is set at $1000, and all COVID-19 protocols would be observed. Because of the Easter season, children would be treated to free kites, free use of the bouncy castle, and free use of the merry-go-around. The event starts at 13:00h, and Rhythm Stars would be providing entertainment at the venue.