Eye pass…

…or raas pass?
How else can you describe Lowenfield’s insistence that it’ll take 156 days to recount our votes, to we Guyanese – and the large part of the world that so magnanimously has taken an interest in our elections, but “raas pass”?? “Eye pass”, of course, is when some jerk does something that shows their total contempt for you and your opinions, and they couldn’t care less! “Raas pass” is when they express their contempt in spades: “Take that, you scum of the earth!”
Here it is, Lowenfield as the CEO has witnessed the schisms in our society that the now over-six-week-delay in the elections results have opened up. And the best plan he can come up with will take 156 days to recount 2400 ballot boxes, with at most 400 ballots in each?? What the arse!! This fellow should be horsewhipped along with his confederate Mingo and assistant Roxanne Myers, who did the dirty over at Ashmin’s. Firing these two would be no less than slaps on their wrists. And pushing our country to the brink deserves much more condign treatment.
While the Commissioners were somewhat tight-lipped about the details of the “Lowenfield Plot” – surely it isn’t a “plan”! – the PRO, in a snippy release (“The Secretariat finds the comments by the Commissioners absurd, distasteful and unethical”.) offered an insight into Lowenfield’s mindset. The gist is: “the estimated time for one ballot box to be counted was projected to be two hours; utilising 3 workstations for 10 hours per day (9:00hrs -19:00hrs) at a central location to count 2339 boxes.” Ergo – 156 days!!
Now apart from his proven record in throwing spanners into the elections world for over a year (remember him launching Patterson’s surreptitiously-ordered H2H registration?), the foregoing is proof enough that Lowenfield isn’t stupid – he’s just “PLAYING stupid”! Under the present circumstances, even a moron would realise that with the present tensions in the society, the recount has to be done ASAP. In fact, the PRO phrased it thusly: “Though cognisant that the 156 days proposed for the activity may be quite a lengthy duration in the present circumstance”!
So, wouldn’t the reasonable thing to do under the circumstances was to pick an appropriate time – say a week to 10 days – and increase the number of stations?? Lowenfield’s gambit – and that’s all it is, designed for more stalling – reminds your Eyewitness of that old British slapstick comedy movie: “Don’t raise the bridge; lower the river”!! But we all know, Dear Reader, this isn’t slapstick – no, this is playing with the survival of this nation.
But the intellectual author and beneficiary of all of this is none other than David Granger who’s suddenly become “The Invisible Man”.
But the stench of corruption gives him away!

…on counting
Vincent Alexander, the Burnhamite who Granger gave his only house to, so that the “Burnham Foundation” could have a home, has been the face of the “digging their heels in” for Granger brigade in GECOM. After he realised the gig was up on blocking the recount in the Courts, he came up with the notion of an “audit” of the ballots in the ballot boxes. But this reveals a big contradiction!
Previously, the PNC had sworn that the Mingoed numbers in Reg 4 showed them winning with no problem in the other regions. So exactly what do they expect this “audit” would reveal?? These wankers just don’t think before talking! But Alexander made another blunder when he was interviewed and tried to justify Lowenfield’s 156-day Odyssey. He supported Lowenfield’s concoction that each box would take 2 hours to process. Does he realise that the ballots are already segregated in separated envelopes as “spoilt”, “rejected”, “cast” etc??
And that the process would take more than ½ hour??

…on Govt COVID-19 Response
Your Eyewitness just can’t get over the PNC’s willingness to put Guyanese lives at risk just so they can tighten their control to hold on to power.
What could a bookkeeper do with COVID-19 test results?