Female security officer robbed by lone bandit

A 33-year-old security officer was on Thursday robbed of her mobile phone, $5000 in cash and a shoulder bag containing personal documents while walking along Melsha Road, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
The incident occurred at around 06:55h. Reports are the female guard was walking on the said road, when she noticed a man on a bicycle with a cutlass approaching her.
As he got closer, the man allegedly jumped off the cycle and instructed her to hand over her bag. In fear for her life, she complied after which he made good his escape. Investigations are ongoing.
Only recently, a 24-year-old vendor was robbed of approximately $100,000 in cash, her mobile phone, ID card and one gold chain after she was ambushed by two males in the vicinity of James Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.
It was reported that Chandroutie Mahatoo was being towed by her younger brother on a bicycle, heading along James Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, when they were confronted by the two suspects who were riding separate bicycles.
The suspects reportedly came off of their cycles and blocked the path of the victim and her brother.
One of the suspects allegedly whipped out a firearm from the waist of his pants and pointed it at the duo. In addition, his accomplice also pulled out an ice pick from his waist. Out of fear, the young lady immediately handed over her bag containing the mentioned articles after which the men made good their escape.