Fishermen play key role in Guyana’s economic development – Min Mustapha

A section of those in attendance at the relaunch of the GNFO
Agriculture Minister
Zulfikar Mustapha

Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha challenged fisherfolk to be more cognisant of the role they play in Guyana’s economic development, even as the Government continues to put measures in place to ensure their livelihoods.
The Minister made this statement during the second national elections of the Guyana National Fisherfolk Organisation (GNFO) recently.
Representatives from the Upper Corentyne Fisherman Co-op Society, Rosignol Fishermen’s Co-op, Albion Landing Site, Tree Door Fishermen Co-op, D’Edward Fishermen Co-op, Parika Fisherman Co-op, Lima’s Fishers’ Association, and the Greater Georgetown Fisherman’s Co-op attended the forum, which was held in the main boardroom at the Ministry.

GNFO Chairman
Pamashwar Jainarine

“This election of the Guyana National Fisherfolk’s Organisation is happening at an opportune time when the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government are encouraging our fisherfolk to become more aware of their role and responsibility, as well as your participatory approach in the fisheries management process.
When we look at the contribution of this sector to our country’s GDP it is tremendous. Our manifesto speaks to enhance support to fisherfolks and Co-op societies,” Minister Mustapha said.
Minister Mustapha also said the Ministry is working to address several issues faced by fisherfolk as it relates to piracy and the granting of licences to Guyanese fishermen to fish in Suriname waters.

Labour Minister
Joseph Hamilton

“This year, we’ve allocated large sums of money to develop the fishing industry. We’ve also acquired a fisheries monitoring vessel so that we can execute patrolling operations to protect our exclusive economic zone. We also recognise that our fisherfolks are severely affected by piracy.
Meanwhile, Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton said Co-ops were established to serve the community and soon his Ministry will be putting the necessary systems in place to ensure this is done.
“Whatever you produce in a Co-op, whether it be fish or crops, what might determine how much markets you get or how much profits you get, might be as simple as putting it in a plastic bag. Everything I know suggests to me that co-operative societies have to periodically retool, remodel and modernise themselves. In order to be able to do that, I’ve instructed that the Ministry’s Co-op Department conduct an integrity audit of all co-op societies in this country.”
Minister Hamilton noted, “We’ve advertised for auditors and 11 companies have shown interest so shortly we’ll have that audit done. It is not an ordinary annual audit. I want to know every aspect of the society. I’m told that presently we have 512 on the books.”
Similar to the Guyana Rice Producers Association, the GNFO was officially formed in 2008 as an umbrella body to unite fisherfolk in Guyana. Preliminary works were done, but the organisation subsequently became dormant. For his part, the Chairman of the GNFO, Pamashwar Jainarine said the organisation is functioning, but not as effective as it should. He also outlined several issues it had faced in the past.
“Some of the issues faced when the organisation was resuscitated in 2015 are the same issues we face now. These include inadequate boarding facilities, run-down wharves, bad roads leading to some of the landing sites, lack of trained personnel managing the landing sites, poor markets and prices for our catch, and payment of VAT on items that were made to no longer attract VAT.”
Minister Mustapha assured that the Government is working to put measures in place that will benefit fisherfolks. He noted that in the instance of VAT being charged for equipment for the fisheries sector and the agriculture sector, the Guyana Revenue Authority has been ordered to go after businesses that are yet to readjust their prices to reflect those reductions.
The Minister also said his Ministry would be working to address some of the issues faced by the GNFO, such as inadequate facilities and better prices and markets for fish and other seafood. Vishnu Persaud and Veeram Ramsarran were among those elected to serve on the GNFO.