Forrester strives to play cricket at its highest level

Since returning to Guyana after completing his stint in the USA, Winston Forrester has continued to produce stellar knocks at the top of the cricketing order; and has even proven to be valuable with his right-arm off-spin.
He has pulled together a string of half-centuries in representing the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), and has even played an outstanding knock of 62 to help GCC defeat Everest in the finals of the NBS 2nd Division 40-Over competition.
Speaking with Guyana Times Sport, Forrester was asked how his cricket has been for the 2018/2019 season. He responded, “Well, it’s been very good so far. I’ve been able to get some good scores, and contributed to my club’s (GCC) successful start to the cricket season. However, I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t been able to get to 3 figures in any of the recent games. I’ve had some really great opportunities, but I failed to push on.
“Nevertheless, I’m still confident that it will come soon. I’m working hard with my personal trainer Orlando Guirola on my fitness; and at the club, we’re working hard with our coach Reon King to try and dominate this season.”
Forrester further related to this publication that he has a few more weeks remaining before he departs to the US for the 2019 season of cricket.
Despite having to return to the US, he said, his goal is to help GCC win as many games as possible before leaving. In so doing, his confidence will be high going into the US season of cricket, he explained.
He also disclosed that he is looking to top the charts with runs in the US league, and to aid his new team, the Atlantis Cricket Club, to a successful season in both the 50-Over and T20 tournaments.
Forrester has declared that he continues to strive, despite excelling at the top of his level. He explained that he works hard to play cricket at the highest level. In this season, he has scored more than 280 runs in the 6 games he has played, and has had, against MSC, a high score of 88, inclusive of 3 half-centuries.