Ganja found in abandoned bag at NA Prison

A quantity of contraband was on Wednesday evening discovered at the New Amsterdam penitentiary, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), in what appeared to be an abandoned bag.

The cannabis and other items found at the NA Prison

The discovery was made about 19:30h after a search was conducted at the north-western dormitory.
Officers noticed a “salt bag” had been left at the north-western side of the compound and upon inspecting it, they unearthed two cartons of cigarettes, a small amount of ‘fronto’ leaves, and six packs of bamboo along with 17 bulky parcels containing a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.
The matter was reported to the Central Police Station, to which the suspected cannabis was handed over. It was weighed and amounted to 1730 grams. Police are continuing the investigation.
Earlier on Monday, two prisoners from the Lusignan Prison were found with a quantity of ganja and several contraband items following a raid. According to Police, prison officials conducted a search on the two inmates during which 490 grams of cannabis was discovered in their possession.
Officers also unearthed one cellphone, one earpiece, 29 packets of cigarettes, a quantity of Ziploc bags, 12 smoking papers, a quantity of tobacco leaves, and $30,000. Following the discovery, the suspected cannabis was weighed in the inmates’ presence.
An investigation was also launched into the discovery, and the items and the inmates were taken to the Vigilance Police Station. (G12)