GBBFF’s National Senior Championships set for December 18

The Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GBBFF) is collaborating with its partners to bring to the hardworking athletes, the bodybuilding and fitness fraternity, and the entire Guyana its first Senior Bodybuilding Championships for 2021.

Julio Sinclair

This competition will be held at the National Cultural Centre on 18th December, 2021 at 18:00 hrs. the purpose of the competition is to celebrate life, health and fitness, whilst promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy living.

Minster of Culture Youth and Sports Charles Ramson Jr poses with the winners of the Resilience Bodybuilding Competition Julio Sinclair, Rosanna Fung, Darious Ramsammy and Ronaldo Caldeira Keliza Smith

Approximately 30 athletes are expected to participate in the 3 different segments of this competition; namely Bodybuilding, Bikini and Men’s Physique. An official list of athletes will be presented in the first week of November, 2021.

Rosanna Fung

Once hosting of the competition is approved by the COVID-19 Task Force, athletes, backstage personnel and the executive of the GBBFF must observe all COVID-19 protocols as gazetted by the Ministry of Health.
While on stage, athletes will be required to stand 6 feet apart from each other. While backstage, athletes will be required to wear their masks and to maintain the mandatory physical distancing.
Judges will be seated 6 feet from each other, and will be required to wear their masks.