GBBFF’s Seniors Championships: Calendar focused on Seniors Championship as he ventures into new division

…excited to battle for Mr Guyana title

By Timothy Jaikarran

The National Cultural Centre will come alive when the Guyana Bodybuilding Fitness Federation’s Seniors Championships are held on December 18, 2022.
Notably, Roger Calendar will be seeking to make an impact when he steps on stage. In 2021, he won the Under-143 division, but has this year jumped up a weight class, and will now be competing in the Under-154 division.
In a chat with this publication, Calendar was asked how he feels now that the competition is back again, and he said, “My training is on point for this Mr Guyana Show. All the improvements that I have needed to make and wanted to make I have made. I am definitely going into the show with a way better package than the (one I had at the) last show. I had some personal mishaps, but that did not deter me from my training. I kept focus and kept my mind focused on the prize.”
Calendar also related that for this show, his current mindset is ‘focus’, as he is very determined and very excited to compete on the stage with the best bodybuilders in Guyana. He opined that the show is going to be very exciting, and said he cannot wait for it to commence.
Calendar also explained that this year he has stepped up into the next weight class, which is the under-154 division, and he is very confident of winning the title in this category, which would allow him to go on to the finals to battle for the Mr Guyana title in which he placed third in 2021.
“To the bodybuilding fans out there: you will definitely not be disappointed. Get ready to see all the hard work, discipline, dedication and improvements that I have made to present to you an even better package than the last year; and get ready to be amazed,” he posited.
The talented athlete is expressing gratitude to Team Mohamed’s, Zoon, Fitness Express, his clients, fans, friends and family members for supporting him in his journey, and has vowed that he would not disappoint them come December 18, 2022.
Since returning to the bodybuilding arena, Calendar has dominated the Under-143 division in 2021, become a silver medalist at CAC, and now will be looking to add more trophies to his cabinet. Calendar was a powerlifter before he ventured into bodybuilding, and in his time, he has recorded some great achievements.