Graham’s Hall Primary pupil gets spectacles from Lions Club

…after successful vision screening

The Lions Club on Thursday donated eye wear to a student of the Graham’s Hall Primary School, who was among the many children screened on Monday for sight complications.
Through partnership with ReVision Optical, the Lions Services for Children, District 60A, were able to supply the eyewear to students who underwent the test and required intervention.
After 100 children were screened at the school, a collaboration from ReVision Optical and other corporate sponsors would have made the venture successful.
Last Monday saw the students of the Graham’s Hall Primary School involved in a vision-screening exercise, with the objective of detecting sight disorders at an early age.
A vision screening, also called an eye test, is a brief exam that looks for potential vision problems and eye disorders. Vision screenings are often done by primary-care providers as part of regular check-ups.
During the activity, the Club was able to achieve its target of 100 individuals at the School. A similar exercise was carried out the following day at the Peters Hall Primary on the East Bank of Demerara. Students were sourced from the Grades One to Six classes, aged six to 12.
Chairperson of the Lions Services for Children, Ambika Singh had said it was a joint effort between different branches of the organisation and ReVision Optical.
“We’re collaborating with the Lions of East Demerara. The optometrist is here doing the screening with the children and we’re also doing this in keeping with one of the five service areas of the Lions, which is vision. This is Vision Month so we’re doing it with that and in keeping with our district goals,” Singh posited.
A significant percentage of screened students displayed conditions which may require them to wear spectacles. Vision screening is a very important way to identify vision problems. During an exam, the doctor looks for eye disease and checks to see if the eyes are working properly. Children with a family history of childhood vision problems are more likely to have eye problems. Teachers of the school would have also capitalised on the opportunity to get screened.