Gunmen escape with $4M as another Corentyne businessperson robbed

– employee shot

Armed bandits on Saturday morning robbed a Corentyne poultry retailer of more than $4 million in cash and jewellery before escaping on foot after shooting an employee.

Injured: Samuel Fernandes
Injured: Samuel Fernandes

This is as bandits continue to wreak havoc on the Corentyne. The incident occurred at about 03:30h at Lot 438 Rose Hall Town.
Speaking with this publication, Vanisha Shrikisson related that three men, all masked and carrying guns and knives entered her yard as she was about to leave home for the Port Mourant Market to ply her trade.
Reports are that at the time one of the victim’s brothers was in the yard along with three workers. They were all tied with pieces of clothes and placed at the back of the yard while one of the bandits stood guard.
According to the businesswoman, the bandits demanded the keys for the house after pouncing on her. “Dem deh a demand ah key, and I tell dem ah going and get the key, but one ah dem start fuh cuff me in me head and I beg dem fuh leff me alone.”
At the time of the incident, Shrikisson’s sister-in-law and her seven-month-old baby were in the house. “Ah call n tell she fuh open the door and she open it,” she added.
She noted that when the men finally entered the house, they took her to her bedroom and told her to empty a wardrobe, which had $2.5 million, while the other broke into a second bedroom. “He take all the cash I had, wha we sell and all me jewellery,” Shrikisson related. The jewellery is estimated to be in excess of $1.5 million.
Meanwhile, Samuel Fernandes, 20, a part-time worker with the businesswoman who arrived late for work, became suspicious after entering the yard. Shortly after entering the yard, the gunmen were leaving and a confrontation occurred between them and Fernandes. During the confrontation, Fernandes managed to pull the mask off one of the gunmen and in retaliation the bandit shot him to his shoulder. He was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital and was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital, where he remains a patient. Police have since launched an investigation into the incident but up to press time no arrests have been made. Meanwhile, over the past few weeks there have been a series of robberies along the Lower Corentyne, the most daring being the invasion of a house situated opposite the Albion Police Station on March 13. On April 10, a man was killed when bandits invaded his home at Topu. There have also been multiple home invasions at Belvedere, Port Mourant, Ankerville, Hampshire, and Rose Hall Town.