Guyana Ex-Athletes Association to host Road Race this Sunday

…150 athletes registered thus far

By Timothy Jaikarran

The Guyana Ex-Athletes and Friends Inc, in collaboration with the Athletics Association of Guyana, will be hosting their 7th Annual 1 mile, 5k and 10k Road Race on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

AAG President alongside Guyana Ex-Athletes and Friends Inc members

The action commences from 7am at the Guyana Police Force Sports Club Ground in Barrack Street, Eve Leary, and ends there. this was announced yesterday at the tournament’s launching at the National Racquet Center.
Speaking at the simple launching ceremony was President of the Association, Burgette Williams-Forde, who declared 2022 a special year because 2021 was a tough year. “This year is very special, because last year we went through so much, but regardless of what we went through, it was one of our best years; so, I must say to the association, also to the members and volunteers who work tremendously on the difficulties at that time to make the race a success: We back again this year! We have the one mile and we will be doing it in two different categories,” Williams-Forde posited.

President of the Guyana Ex-Athletes and Friends Inc, Burgette Williams-Forde, and President of the AAG, Aubrey Hutson, display some of the junior prizes

She explained that both the under-9 and under-12 have each been made into a category, so the athletes below the age of nine do not have to feel threatened of their much older counterparts.
She said there will be lots of lucrative prizes, as the main aim is to reach out to the junior athletes, whom she deemed as the future of tomorrow’s Guyana. As it pertains to the prizes, Williams-Forde said, “So, we’re not just giving one to five, we’re giving from one to 12 male and female in all the categories for the junior athletes. The seniors, they’ve got to get their money.”
The Guyana Ex-Athletes and Friends Inc have also upped their game as they have provided tablets for the overall junior male and female prizes. Bicycles will also be up for grabs. For the senior athletes, the first overall prize for the male would be a 43-inch flat screen TV. The female would get a 40-inch TV along with the $55,000.
“If a foreigner wins the race, and they’re the overall winner, they will get the prize. But in order for us to give our athletes the opportunity to continue, we will have something special for the top male or female, whoever is the first to cross the finish line. They will get something special, regardless of whatever place they came in. That way is for us as a country to let our athletes know they are important just like the foreigners. We have the people with special needs. We also have prizes for them; that will be cash prizes. For those who are special needs people, we will try to reach out as much as possible not to do the regular 1,2 and 3 positions, but to encourage them, because they are special just like everyone else,” Williams-Forde explained.
Sharing his sentiments was Athletics Association Guyana President Aubrey Hutson, who said, “I think, together, we were able to put together what we deemed to be a very great race coming Sunday. We know we have the experience. Please encourage the fans and athletes, somebody, to come out and witness a properly- organised and executed event.”
Hutson also made mention that, come Sunday, they would be depending heavily on the Police Force to do what they can do in creating the right atmosphere for a great event.
He explained that fans can come to the Eve Leary ground and will be able to witness a great part of the race.
Hutson, further, urged drivers not to drive along the race route, so as not to create any obstruction to the athletes. The AAG boss closed by stating that fans and athletes can expect a well-organised, well-run event, and may the best athlete come out victorious without any hindrance.
Also speaking was Deborah Quamina, who shone some light on the humanitarian aspect of the tournament. Quamina noted that the purpose of the humanitarian section was to give back to members of the public who are in need, and thus she is hopeful it would go a long way for them.
Quamina explained that this year she will be dealing directly with the Guyana Veterans Association.
Quamina related that the items set to be given are a plethora of items in the medical field, such as covers, ointments, disposable pampers, toiletries, urine bags, goggles, gloves, face masks, toothbrushes, toothpaste and many more items.