Guyana Gold Fields gives financial support to Heritage Month celebrations

The Indigenous People’s Affairs Ministry cashed in on a generous donation as the Guyana Gold Fields Inc (GFF) pledged support to the ongoing nationwide celebration of Heritage Month 2017.
In doing so, the GFF plugged a sum of money into the preparation and successful hosting of this year’s Indigenous Heritage Village Day Celebrations set for St Cuthberts Mission, Region Four on Saturday. Adding to that, contributions were also made towards the commemoration of the life and work of Stephen Campbell and other notable Indigenous persons set for September 18; also tabled as a part of the month of activities.
Moreover, the village, also preferred to as Pakuri, benefited from a tangible donation for the construction of an eco-lodge which will be located in view of the Village landing, compliments of the GFF.
Present at the handing over ceremony was the CSR Field Assistant, Leon Roberts, who made the presentation to Minister within the Indigenous People’s Affairs Ministry Valerie Garrido-Lowe, along with representatives from St Cuthberts Mission.

While addressing the gathering, Roberts expressed delight on his company’s behalf to once again play their part in the commemoration for the first peoples of Guyana.
On the receiving end was Lenox Shuman, the Toshao of the St Cuthbert’s Mission. Shuman extended gratitude to the GGF for this significant donation which will not only aid in the execution of Heritage Day 2017 but also directed toward the development of his community.
“The community has enjoyed a very healthy relationship with Guyana Gold Fields and we appreciate it, they have provided a lot of tangible resources to the community and provided stability to families so we look forward to growing that relationship. We are happy that Guyana Gold Fields has pledged some money towards that and I think this is just the first step in getting it right, and we look forward to that,” the Toshao stated.
According to the Toshao, the construction of the lodge is expected to begin immediately following the hosting of the Heritage Village Day celebration since some materials have already been procured.
Meanwhile, Minister Garrido-Lowe in thanking Guyana Gold Fields Inc for its continued support to the Indigenous communities noted that “They are good corporate citizens and I’m happy to have them on board and their continued support is needed. Thank you very much and we will continue to work together to build our country and our hinterland in a sustainable way.”
Back in 2016, Pakuri was selected to host the Village Day celebrations and as such, a number of critical works were undertaken including the sprucing up of a number of buildings as well as the construction of a new benab located in the centre of the village which will host the formal activities.
Security measures including cordoning off of the area close to the village landing is in place along with upgrades to the main thoroughfare into the village, with assistance from the Guyana Defence Force.
With all the works needed to ensure the successful execution of this year’s Heritage Month celebrations, the contribution by the GGF is a much welcomed one.