Guyana is under the test of time and the patience of tolerance

Dear Editor,
Guyana’s nightmare continues, with criminal characters and elements pervading their professions in a most diabolical manner, unravelling the fragile protection that is offered in today’s society. Daily, the horrendous and villainous events occur, as if lawlessness is a way of life that is accepted, and rules and regulations can be circumvented at the whims and fancies of robbers, thieves, pick-pockets, choke-and-rob bandits, burglars, and just about anyone – young, middle age or old – who chooses to adopt this method of making a living.
Not to get into the economic, political, sociological or any other problematic reason for this mishap, the blame game certainly does not help. The bottom line remains that there are those who are determined not to work the honest way for a living, but choose the dishonest way to earn an income. This cannot be condoned, encouraged, accepted, overlooked, ignored, permitted, or allowed to continue; and this cannot be an answer to provide for survival. Whether it is sanctioned, organised or orchestrated by a figurehead; whether it’s in collusion or co-operation with some authority; whether there are gangsters or individuals involved, this sad state of affairs must come to a complete end in order for Guyanese to live peacefully.
There is great uncertainty regarding whether or not law enforcement is being exercised at its maximum in order to address this disastrous situation. What is certain is that this dangerous operation continues to damage the morale of the Police and the Minister of Home Affairs.
Is there some underground force administering this habit of the transgressors to be in control of circumstances, and maintaining the upper hand? Are there variable inadequacies in terms of providing protection to the Guyanese public throughout Guyana? Are the Police unable to cope with the prevailing factors?
Are the Police surveilling sensitive areas? How involved is the neighbourhood watch in the communities? Isn’t there a need for more Police patrols? Guyana is not at war, and the availability of manpower from the Guyana Defence Force should be explored. There is need for a conversation about soldiers taking part in assisting to keep law and order. There frequent presence at different hours in different places may prove to be a deterrent to this malfeasance. Perhaps the Police are at their wits’ end and are doing their level “best” to grapple with the ongoing.
But there are many angry and tense questions to be asked, as the entire Guyana remains hurt and disturbed by these awful happenings. The sufferings and losses are tremendous, and people are genuinely scared. A degree of fear has seized the public, and this is conveniently accepted in some quarters. Is this a designed result from a reprehensible entity?
A look at some of the recent incidents that occurred reveals things that are deplorable and frightening: two men last Wednesday invaded the premises of a resident of the ECD and escaped with a generator. On Wednesday, a man was caught red-handed in the act of burglarising a house at Bushy Park, EBE. Again, on Wednesday, two men robbed a security guard of his valuables at Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant. On Wednesday, there was an incident of break-and-entry at Vreed-en-Hoop, WCD in which a man suffered tremendous losses. A shop at Anna Catherina, WCD was burglarised on Wednesday; and a woman lost some $600,000 in stock, again, on Wednesday. Two bandits robbed a teenager of her purse at Sussex Street, Charlestown last Tuesday. There was a daring robbery by four men on an East Canje, Berbice family, who lost a considerable sum in cash and jewellery; and a pensioner was beaten and robbed by two men last Saturday at Plantain Walk, WBD.
Indeed, all these incidents tell a tale of horror, and have a damaging effect on the Guyanese society. Do you reconcile this behaviour with the repercussions of COVID-19 and/or the failure of the past Government to resolve the unemployment and crime problem? This new Government inherited this sick disease, and needs to implement a rigid strategy quickly in order to curb this situation. Otherwise, it will become a greater tragedy.
To crown the eventualities is the incident that occurred at the residence of the Chief Justice, which is an unimaginable reality. This latest calamity is catastrophic and devastating. One newspaper claims it was a four-man attack, and others claim it was a one-man attack. Regardless of which, it was criminal in nature, and the ultimate intent is unknown. There are many speculations surrounding this issue, which occurred at a most sensitive time; and two and two does not add up to four in this case.
It seems as if there are more than meet the eye, and the ears are vibrating with other ringing tones. There is classic political waxing, and the freedom of expression is curried with mischief and mayhem. Opinions are flying left, right and centre, and the creative force of unpleasant vicissitude is certainly at work overnight.
How this game will play out will run into overtime, and the umpires will be hard press to comply with the rules to make a conclusive decision.
Is this the artistry of another Shakespearean drama, and will the work of its writer again unfold in later scenes? Guyana is certainly an unwelcome audience, and will refute and refuse any such material! But Guyana continues to march onwards, with democracy being undermined under the test of time and the patience of tolerance.

Jai Lall