Height of absurdity…

…on NGSA
It’s said “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” This Eyewitness really believes some folks making policy at the Education Ministry may be “mad” – in the sense of how the ancients used it. Doing things that just doesn’t stand to reason. Take this latest decision on the NGSA – to now have the kids write their names on the exam papers.
Why in the world would they want to do this? Well let’s look at the reasons they provided. For Paper I – which is all multiple choice – they claim the students writing their names will guarantee they were the ones who actually answered the questions!! Well they should tell the long suffering students and their parents, what will be different if stand-ins write those same names.
Is the Ministry going to have a data bank of signatures of these 11-year-olds to compare the written signatures against? But really!! The NGSA’s written in the same schools the kids attend. Can anyone really think an “imposter kid” can show up among kids who spent six years together and not be outed? What a crock!!
And even if some precociously cunning kids are gaming the system by having “imposters” take their place – wouldn’t it be better to install the system in place for CSEC. Have the cherubs submit their pics which can be presented with their Candidate Numbers on the Exam Day?
For Paper II, the students will now have to not only write their names – but also their addresses, date of birth and gender on a page that’s kept by the administrators – but doesn’t go up to the markers! We’re not told why the administrators need that data – which should be already in the system. Or what they’ll do with it. But with Paper II going up to the markers without the names on the kids’ submissions, couldn’t the aforesaid precociously cunning kids substitute their “stand-ins” for them?
But we all know this is all BS…isn’t it? So will the powers-that-be who will determine the life chances of the next 14,500 kids writing the NGSA (specific high school attended and income are highly correlated) give us the real scoop? As it is, folks out there think the present Administration wants to fiddle with the present randomised distribution of the top 10 per cent. In a country so divided that people look at the origin of people who’re selected as dog catchers. Can you imagine the rap the Government will take if they allow this hare-brained scheme to go through?
Hope they’re learnt from the present imbroglio that silence may be golden, but not in politics.

…on Holder in Costa Rica
We know Agriculture Minister Noel Holder’s out in Costa Rica…no one is sure why…but he’s there all right. Our media says he’s there for development of our livestock sector. But this Eyewitness thinks that’s only because the fella in charge of our livestock programme accompanied him. However, the Costa Rican media says:
“Among the areas for discussion are the systematic, participatory, and organised approaches to dealing with agriculture in the region; support for the construction of medium and long-term visions, enabling each country to achieve its development goals and to look at the international vision for dealing with global phenomena related to agriculture and rural life.
“The objective of the visit is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural sector, strengthen agriculture’s contribution to the development of territories and well-being of the rural population and improve agricultural capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change.”
In other words – more bloviating BS.

…in closing LBI
Minister Holder was heavily criticised for not visiting Wales Estate when he closed it down and threw 1700 sugar workers into the streets.
They can’t do that with the closure of LBI throwing another 700 out on their ears.
The man’s not in the country!!