How will it end…between GY and TT?

The last time Trinidad’s PM Keith Rowley – he’s actually from Tobago – was in Guyana, he sounded like a real prophet!! Reacting to Granger’s rear-guard actions to scuttle the Caricom recount of the 2020 votes that’d been “Mingoed”, he intoned, “This will not end well”! And so said, so done!! However, he returned to Trinidad leaving Mia, Golding and Arthur to do most of the heavy lifting so Guyana remain on the democratic path.
Between then and now, however, things between Rowley’s PNM and the new Irfaan Ali’s administrations haven’t been exactly hunky-dory! What made it testy some felt was those relations between the PNM and the PNC had historically been much closer than with the PPP. They felt this mirrored the parallel ethnic politics that played out in the two countries – and conversely, the PPP was closer to the UNC. Be that as it may, but back in 2018, Rowley and Granger had signed a wide-ranging MoU.
The DPI’s summary should be very instructive in view of the latest iteration: “interests expressed in Agriculture, Youth, Sport, Security, among other areas; Guyana’s natural resources and Trinidad’s entrepreneurial skills to be combined for benefit of both states; the two sides will not be hampered by bureaucratic impediments – PM Rowley”. Granger was quite effusive: “He described the meeting as a reassertion of Guyana’s Caribbean identity, noting that there is much to be learnt from Trinidad and Tobago, one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean, in terms of manufacturing, export, education and standard of living.”
He concluded: “Guyana is an arduous CARICOM state, we have abundant raw materials, natural resources (gold, diamonds, timber, manganese, bauxite) …we are confident that by collaborating we will be able to combine the natural resources of Guyana with the entrepreneurial expertise, capital and investment from Trinidad and Tobago.” Now we all know that not a damned thing happened after all those uplifting sentiments!!
And, Dear Reader, that’s why your Eyewitness isn’t too moved by the new MoU signed by PM Rowley and Pres Ali. Been there…. done that!! Some might say that the best-laid plans of Rowley and Granger were waylaid by the Charrandas NCM vote three months later – and its denouement that “didn’t end well” for Granger. But your Eyewitness thinks it’s more structural.
The PNM’s bankrolled by TT’s French Creole elite who own all the big businesses in TT and they’re the ones who are controlling the spigot of “non-tariff barriers” that keeps out our products. And which is why our Private Sector was up in arms against an MoU!!
Rowley can never change THAT state of affairs. The mouth (and politics) is muzzled by the campaign contributions!

…with COVID-19?
It would appear that the COVID-19 pandemic’s petering out after 6.28 MILLION deaths – 1 million in America and 1221 here. While there’s a new spike in infections – including here in GY – they don’t seem to be too deadly. But after we found out the Germans had killed 6 million Jews during WWII, there were all sorts of inquiries to find out how that happened. Reparations were paid and all that.
So, what about COVID? Are the deaths caused by it any less valuable? Shouldn’t there be an inquiry into that causation? After all, while we know that it originated in Wuhan, China, there have been persistent reports that Western interests were supporting research into the virus!! Even though it might seem like locking the lab after the virus has escaped, it should help with security in the future.
What we do know is these sorts of experiments will continue whether we like it or not. Forget the medical reasons – military imperatives top all.
At least we CAN patch identified lapses.

…in Ukraine
The Ukraine Govt has refused the Russian offer to craft a “diplomatic” end to the war. They really believe they can beat back the Ruskies? Or did that US$40 Billion infusion go to their head?