I applaud East Berbice Corentyne Ministers Association for June 1 national day of prayer

Dear Editor,
I would like to applaud the East Berbice Corentyne Ministers Association in collaboration with Ministers across Guyana and the diaspora for observing a day of national prayer and fasting for Guyana on June 1, 2020.
The online event which started after midnight on May 31, concluded at midnight on June 1. Different local and foreign churches took turns sharing the one-hour timeslots, leading the praying and ministering. Different church leaders were asked to pray for specific topics including the following: “A national day of repentance, prayer for the economy, the election, racism, natural resources, COVID-19, violence, witchcraft, and crime, etc.” Pastor Alim (Paul) Mursalin of the Elperazim Full Gospel Church of Linepath, Corriverton was the event’s coordinator. Other leaders involved were Alvin Alladin, Premraj Parshotam, Troydell Williamson, Angela Harris, Shurdon Murray, Motie Singh, W D Babb, Lionel Etwaru, Joseph Persaud, and several others.
In light of two recent editorials in the media asking where is the voice of the church at such a time as this, the day of prayer is a welcome start. It remains to be seen what the Georgetown Ministers Fellowship, the Guyana Evangelical Fellowship and Guyana Council of Churches will do.
Some prominent leaders from the Assemblies of God and Full Gospel Fellowship who received appointments and national honours from Mr David Granger had done some support activities for Mr Granger.
It remains to be seen if the East Berbice Corentyne Ministers Association will follow up with some kind of jointly signed statement calling on the two major political parties to commit to respect the results of the original SoPs and recount. The country can ill afford more national gridlock at a time of a health emergency and ongoing collapse of the closed Guyanese economy. I suspect the new incoming PPP Government will need lots of prayer and fasting support from the religious community, as all church members and their families will be affected, in addition to all others in the society.

Dr Jerry Jailall