Who is “operating like a double agent”? 

Dear Editor,
It was 1992 when free and fair elections were conducted for the first time since 1964 in Guyana, a brief euphoric moment of positive change was simultaneously accompanied by a set of long-term difficulties which 28 years later would return to haunt the nation reducing its democratic prospects to shambles. The Carter Center was the midwife which delivered the electoral triumph overseeing a deeply embedded proclivity of the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) to a steal election. In 2015 an APNU/AFC Government was erected on an old discredited order akin to an incompetent physician who uses band-aid to cure cancer. This was a Government that effectively continued the political apparatus which it chafed for decades while in power before 1992, One can, therefore, argue that what was accomplished in 1992-2015 by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic was simply swept under the rug by the APNU/AFC Administration and has now brought irreparable harm to the Guyanese people.
The Caricom Election Observation Mission to Regional and General Elections in Guyana on March 2, 2020, was satisfied that the conduct of the poll was “free, fair and transparent.” Chief of Mission, Ms Cynthia Combie Martyr said the people of Guyana “should be proud of themselves,” and the mission salutes the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the citizens of the country “for the peaceful conduct of the Poll.” Ms Martyr said the observation mission expects that the results of the poll “will reflect the free expression of the will and aspirations of the Guyanese people, for a Government of their choice. However, we were able witnesses that Clairmont Mingo, the Returning Officer (RO) for District Four, blatantly manipulated votes from District Four, to favour his own political party the caretaker APNU/AFC and if this is not enough we have heard, all the false claims made by the PNCR Executives, Aubrey Norton and Joseph Harmon, that in the APNU/AFC strongholds, a vast majority of stampeded ballots were discovered including more than 8000 ballots cast by members of our Joint Services, turned out to be a “big” lie. So far for the recount, a total of 1536 rejected, from the five tabulated Districts were discovered of which, we will all remember that the representatives from the opposition parties had all condemned these allegation made by the coalition and called on the members of the Joint Forces and the Guyanese Public to reject the claims and focus on the truth and fact. What is happening here is that the APNU/AFC caretaker Government continues to spread the narrative and the tunes that they lost the votes due to the ballots that were rejected, GECOM must recognise the seriousness of these ridiculous false claims made by the APNU/AFC caretaker Government and their conspirators, these people are liars and dangerous, telling lies to ensure they cling on to power is not the right thing to do.
When the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Retd Justice Claudette Singh, took the decision on her own accord to request from the Immigration Department in an effort to support verification to support the claim of the APNU/AFC coalition, that migrants voted during the General and Regional Elections, must be considered downright wrong.  Justice Singh is one of the former Judges that I have high regard for and have always trusted her decisions in the past. This was someone who advised so many lawyers and police,  even when she sat in her office and allowed  Clairmont Mingo to make the false tabulation of the votes of District Four, I still had the faith that Justice Singh would have done the right thing. Mingo’s rigging is no allegation, there is indisputable evidence of this on film or tape which GECOM must have in their possession. The recount had provided irrefutable evidence of blatant and barefaced attempts to rig the elections in favour of APNU/AFC and this was never reported to the Commissioner of Police. Guyanese. you be the judge. Justice Singh is now looking into jumbie story about migrated persons voted, she must know that this is virtually impossible given the electoral system that is in place. Justice Singh is operating like a double agent in a James Bond movie, who is strong-armed by the David Granger APNU/AFC Administration. We now see why David Granger and his cabals met with GECOM and the Secretariat.
Editor, the people of Guyana are not stupid, they are not blind to the facts that are unfolding day after day by the news media and will soon see Justice Singh for who she really is. It is her own performance that will defile her, her most recent actions are incendiary and serve to fuel further suspicion about alleged con conspiracy with the APNU/AFC. Justice Singh, please do what is right for the people of Guyana.
Don’t allow the APNU/AFC Commissioners to table a motion to declare this election tainted, all the wrongdoing here points to the APNU/AFC, don’t get intermingled in their wicket acts.

David Adams